Are you a traveller or a tourist?

Del & Russell at Taj Mahal for emailI’m thinking of my recent trip to India and my experience of travelling in non-tourist areas.  All the while on some level I was also yearning to find the kinds of facilities and services that are generally supplied just for tourists!  Interesting!  So I decided to transfer this onto my thoughts about life.  Am I – or you – a traveller or a tourist of life?

I feel I am a traveller who has faced both the highs and lows of being in strange, unknown places and needing to find my way through eg. the lows – divorce, bereavements, depressions, night terrors, eating disorder, physical accidents, illness and a lot of physical pain; and the highs – getting to connect with spirit, finding ways to heal myself, developing my own healing abilities, finding loving relationships, enjoying sensuality, expanding my mind, experiencing other cultures, being highly creative, having a loving husband …  and so on.  BUT – and it’s a big BUT – I’ve also wanted to be a tourist – to go through my life with the protection and support of others who have been there before and know the ropes.  I’ve wanted comfort and no pain – just pleasure.  I’ve wanted someone else to look after me, fund me, take responsibility.  Is this a fair assessment of the tourist?  Here’s what OT came up with (the you is a general you):

Old Delhi for email

“You are both a traveller and a tourist.  You can never know what’s around the corner but you can look to others who are more experienced than you to give you signs and help you out when, as a traveller, you feel you’ve lost your way. 

A traveller does need a map and needs to have some kind of plan.  A tourist needed to do some research before they decided which tour to go on.  In many ways there’s no difference. 

It’s a question of perspective, seeing the situation from a particular angle.  There’s nothing noble about ‘suffering’ as a traveller.  Some like the excitement of finding their way alone.  Some like the security of having it all planned out by someone else.  You choose the style that suits.

 In life itself the journey contains both – the tourist within the traveller finds the resources he/she needs to satisfy their curiosity and their physical needs.  The traveller in the tourist takes time to step outside the objective viewing of the culture they are in and allows themselves to feel their way into identifying with that they see, smell, touch, hear, and so on.  In this way they learn as the traveller does, but perhaps less viscerally and with less cultural impact.

All experience is of great value and is never wasted.  All experience takes you forward in your learning and understanding.”


Make yourself available for souls who want to communicate

In this prophetic session, Watchers told me that I would communicate with souls and help them to accept their situation.  I wasn’t quite sure how this would happen – via Out of Body Experiences, or through channelling? I’d already experienced a powerful channelled session where the brother of a friend (who also recently passed) came through. To say I was taken by surprise at this would be an understatement! That was 11 months ago (Session 17, 27th Nov 2011) and seemingly a one off as nothing similar happened after that. However, a couple of months ago I experienced something even more powerful and more convincing. (I write about this in detail in my Metaphysically Living blog.) It’s left me in no doubt that I don’t need to ‘channel’ in order to communicate with those who have passed: although I’ve yet to be able to do it ‘to order’. Time will tell. Continue reading

We are your psychic trainers

This was a bitter-sweet session for me, but an exciting and exhilarating one for both Paddy and myself (Kris). Neither of us realised that our previous session (which I haven’t included in this Blog it as it wasn’t particularly moving or enlightening) would be our last one with our ‘Seth’. There wasn’t even a hint that things were about to change so dramatically, and so no sense of it being an end leading to a new beginning. Continue reading

We are here for your spiritual knowledge, mutual understanding, love and your personal development

There are many timely things about this particular post. Paddy had completed his first day of a weekend Open to Channelling workshop run by Delcia; my daughter has embarked on giving Tarot readings professionally in the past couple of months; and Seth talks about my being ready to have out of body experiences (OOBE’s). Tomorrow, Paddy and I will be attending our first Monroe Institute Excursion weekend. We will be developing our ability to connect and communicate with other forms of consciousness and, hopefully, increasing the likelihood of having regular, controlled OOBE’s. In the last several months I have become familiar with Frank DeMarco‘s work on Intuitive Linked Communication – or Channelling – and through that, I’ve become acquainted with the work of Bob Monroe. Hence the timeliness of this particular Ouija session. Seth also speaks about the film script they have asked me to write about how Jane Roberts and Rob Butts connected with their Seth – even now, this is an on-going project, and one I hope to complete in the near future. Continue reading

Doubt breeds fear

SESSION 16  4/10/11

The night before this session I’d had a dream about being in what looked like an underground car park. I could see a brightly-lit tunnel ahead of me with lots of people queuing to walk into it. I was in the queue but was really nervous about going into the tunnel as I couldn’t see where it led.

The whole experience of the Ouija and channelling was causing a lot of doubts and questions about where it was coming from. What if I was tapping into a deep part of my subconscious? This would be great in itself, but not if I conned myself into believing it was coming from elsewhere. This was to be the start of a very difficult time for me as I oscillated between doubt and disbelief, and trust and acceptance.

We set our intentions as usual.

Kris: Hello, is there anybody there?


Kris: Who is it we’re speaking to?


Kris / Pad: Good evening, Seth.

Kris: A bit of a tumultuous time at the moment – have you any guidance at all for me, to help me through this time?

            YOU (pauseYES

Kris: Can or should?


Kris:Ok, I thought ‘you can relax’, and nothing moved, and I thought ‘should’ relax and got ‘Yes’. Is that right?


Kris: Why should I relax? Because I sure would like to.

            BECAUSE YOU BREED FEAR WHEN YOU DOUBT Continue reading

Introduction to Channelling workshop

Delcia and I recently held our Expanding Consciousness workshop – an introduction to Channelling. It was a great success and a lot of fun! I’m in the process of putting the transcript together from the Ouija sessions we did with the participants and just waiting to hear back with their respective permission to use part or all of the transcript on our site. Delcia will be doing the same for her Channellings from Ortundra.

It was an amazing experience for all concerned, with Seth gently and humourously bringing people from doubt and fear to joy and acceptance – a wonderful example of their ability to know exactly what each individual needs in order to get the most out of ‘the Seth treatment’. Ortundra, too, won over the hearts of our attendees and proved once again to be a powerful source of invaluable guidance and insight.

The whole weekend was a clear demonstration of what an affective and impressive resource Channelling – be it verbally or through the Ouija –  can be, and that with the Ouija particularly, there is no need for fear or misgivings when approached with an open heart, clear intention and integrity.

The afterlife and mediumship

Held within a dream

This piece was channelled from Ortundra a while ago and I think it follows Kris’s last piece about death. 

It is important to know that belief in life after death takes many guises and many forms: one of which is the attempt and seeming success of connecting with the actual personality character of the deceased.

This is, in my view, a straightforward process in that the energy body of that character, that personality level, remains in a form in the universal consciousness rather as we have libraries and reference books.

There is always a record of the character or personality. If you could imagine the universe or consciousness as an incredible computer, you would find that the energetic imprint of that character or personality is saved in the memory bank.

It is possible with a very highly evolved medium, that when there is a request from a person who is alive in a body to meet with an ancestor or someone recently deceased, that the spirit of that person can be called.

If the soul or spirit is willing, it can pick up through the network the energy form of its previous character and personality. This is a very common practice and takes form according to the culture in which the mediumship is happening.

We are thinking here of the work of shamans, witchdoctors, psychic surgeons, trance healers and other kinds of clairvoyance.

It is possible for some spirits and souls to remain enclosed within the personality or character energy form.  People can choose to do this and stay very close to their loved ones on earth for some time.

However, the majority move on sooner or later. That character formation structure is also fed by the memories of those who are alive and is held in this universal computer.

This is to simplify a very complex but very natural process. I cannot overestimate for you the complexity of universal intelligence.

We are all part of that – whether we are in human bodies or not. This is the best explanation that I can give at this time in my own evolution and with this particular channel.

What is the difference between fantasy and dreaming?

The fantasy is the dream that is never manifested; it remains a fantasy when no action has been taken.

The fantasy is a whim; it may be a thought; it may be an entertainment. When you go out to entertainment, you go to something; you pay money and you watch it and you come away.

It is short term. You are satisfied.

But a dream, a real dream, stays forever with you.

It does not leave you alone; it pops back in your mind at the most unexpected moments.

You may see someone else who is doing something similar to your dream, or you may pass the house or see the lovers or the car that is in your dream and you are reminded and it hurts.

This is how you can test out your dream.  It matters to you.

A fantasy has no substance, no roots, whereas a dream holds within it the key to your complete happiness.


©Ortundra channellings

Ask to heal…

SESSION TEN – 16/9/11

I haven’t included the 9th session as it wasn’t a particularly interesting one. Frank told me that I had a sore back for a higher purpose, which neither of us understood. When we asked for clarification, we were told that if I got energy I would help to make people feel well by delivering energy and that this would involve hands-on healing.

In this session we again, tried to get more information about my back and I also asked about my joints. At the time, I didn’t know Delcia very well having only met her a handful of times. I knew she was a psychotherapist and channel, but that was all. Frank also mentioned the film script again.

During this session I began to ‘know’ the answers before they were spelled out. This caused me to wonder if it was because I was somehow responsible for the glass moving, or if words were coming into my mind before it moved – a form of channelling?

Kris: Is it possible to speak to Frank?

(pause) YES

Pad: Hello, is that Frank?


Kris: I need some guidance from my guide. What can I do to improve connection…


Kris: Is there anything else I could be doing to prepare me for channelling?

            YOU ARE (slowly) DOING (pause)   YES

Kris: Can you spell it out?


Kris: That’s what came into my head, when it went to ‘Yes’. I thought ‘enough’ and it went to ‘yes’. And that’s why I said, ‘can you spell it out?’

Pad: Oh, very good.


Kris: You said a few sessions ago that if I do channel that it will be you coming through, is that still the case?


Kris: While I’m doing it will I know what I’m saying?

            YES/NO (pause) TELL PADDY TO CONCENTRATE Continue reading

Believe in higher good


This was one of our most difficult and challenging sessions to date – in a personal, relational way. At this stage, Pad was more open to exploring the possibilities of what it was that we were communicating with than I was. I liked that my family were coming through and that my ‘uncle Frank’ was my guide, and I felt defensive when what I considered was Pad’s scepticism, threatened to take that away from me. I was reluctant to really consider that it might all be coming from my subconscious – like a major ego trip – but accepted that that was a possibility.

There was also a lot of confusion between Pad and myself when interpreting what the responses to our questions meant. We’ve since learned to take more time and to consider the responses from a wider perspective.

The usual intention was set prior to starting the session.         

Kris: Hello?

(Over a minute elapsed before the glass started to move, very slowly.)


Continue reading