Ask to heal…

SESSION TEN – 16/9/11

I haven’t included the 9th session as it wasn’t a particularly interesting one. Frank told me that I had a sore back for a higher purpose, which neither of us understood. When we asked for clarification, we were told that if I got energy I would help to make people feel well by delivering energy and that this would involve hands-on healing.

In this session we again, tried to get more information about my back and I also asked about my joints. At the time, I didn’t know Delcia very well having only met her a handful of times. I knew she was a psychotherapist and channel, but that was all. Frank also mentioned the film script again.

During this session I began to ‘know’ the answers before they were spelled out. This caused me to wonder if it was because I was somehow responsible for the glass moving, or if words were coming into my mind before it moved – a form of channelling?

Kris: Is it possible to speak to Frank?

(pause) YES

Pad: Hello, is that Frank?


Kris: I need some guidance from my guide. What can I do to improve connection…


Kris: Is there anything else I could be doing to prepare me for channelling?

            YOU ARE (slowly) DOING (pause)   YES

Kris: Can you spell it out?


Kris: That’s what came into my head, when it went to ‘Yes’. I thought ‘enough’ and it went to ‘yes’. And that’s why I said, ‘can you spell it out?’

Pad: Oh, very good.


Kris: You said a few sessions ago that if I do channel that it will be you coming through, is that still the case?


Kris: While I’m doing it will I know what I’m saying?


(We both laugh.)

Kris: Do you mean now, Frank?


Kris: (to Pad) Well, you could be vital…I might not be able to do this without you.

Pad: I know, but…that’s the way I do it, to keep my mind blank while I concentrate on the writing. (we both laugh) I’m concentrating now, Frank.

            YOU MUST


Pad: Right, well, I’m concentrating, got my hand held up and I’m looking at the board. (Kris laughs) I’m doing everything that you and Frank are saying.


Kris: It’s obvious that you’re a conduit.

Pad: What kind of conduit? What do you mean, I’m a conduit?

Kris: (not clear) …when you’re not fully present it’s harder for stuff to come through. Last night we were trying to get some understanding about causes or the reasons for my back hurting, and it wasn’t very clear for us, what you were trying to tell us. Is there anything you can add to that, now, that might help us understand the…higher reasons why I got backache, as opposed to physical (reasons). (long pause) Can you answer that question, Frank, as in, is it possible for you to answer that question?


Pad: Ask him if he wants to answer…

Kris: Do you want to answer that question? (the glass moves towards ‘yes’) More ‘yes’ than not but still not clear. I believe that there is an emotional reason for physical conditions or illnesses, so I believe there was an emotional or psychological reason for my back hurting. I did some work on it, trying to understand why this might be. Can you throw some light on it? What emotional or psychological reasons may have caused me to wake up with a bad back?

(pause) YOU (long pause) B Y

Kris: Was that right, ‘B Y’? (the glass moves) Do you want to start again? ‘You…’

            YOU (then slowly) UPSET

Kris: Mmm, about? (long pause) Would you rather not answer that question, Frank?


Pad: Have a rest.

(We break for a few minutes.)

Kris: Are you still there, Frank?


Kris: Well, on a similar subject but not one so specific, I’m struggling a lot with my joints, anyway. Can you give me some insight as to why that is? What’s going on for me that’s causing my joints to be so stiff, so easily.


Kris: Are you saying this is something from a previous incarnation, Frank?

Pad: Check it’s Frank.

Kris: Is that Frank?


Pad: Ok, so Frank, what have the Jesters…what do you mean by Jesters?

Kris: What’s that got to do with my sore joints? (pause) How have the Jesters caused me to have stiff, sore joints? Or being in the Jesters?

            DON’T KNOW

Kris: You don’t know why, but you do know that my achy joints come from being in the Jesters. Is that right?

(pause) EDDIE (pause) HAD ARTHRITIS

Kris: Is there anything I can do in this life to clear that up?

(pause) YES

Kris: Do you know what I could do?


Kris: Can you tell me what that might be?


Kris: (laughs) So, tell me what I can do to clear my joint pain in this life. Please.

            ASK (pause) AS A  (pause) ASK TO HEAL

Kris: How do I do that? (pause) Is there somebody I know I can ask?


Kris: Who is it?

            THINK (pause)

Kris: Are you telling me to think of someone?

            NO  (pauseYOU WILL KNOW

Kris: Can you tell me their name, please?


Kris: What is the name of the person I can ask for healing from?


Pad: Does she do healing?

Kris: Yes.

Pad: What kind of healing?

Kris: Don’t know.

Pad: Is it Delcia in particular that Kris has to ask?


Kris: Can anybody else help me, Frank?


Kris: Who else can help me?


Kris: And how can Paddy help me?


(We break for about 10 mins.)

Kris: Right, are we still talking to Frank?


Kris: I know you said, in a previous session, that we will make a lot of money through my writing. Is there anything we can do in the very near future to make money?

Pad: (laughing) To make a lot of money.

Kris: To make a lot of money. Any suggestions, what we could do? Only it feels like even if I started working on my writing now (the glass starts to move)

            YOU CAN (long pause)

Pad: (to Kris) What?

Kris: (laughing) I feel like there should be a drum roll. We can…?

            GET YOUR FILM MADE

Kris: Are you saying that that could happen quite quickly, Frank?


Kris:  Once I’ve sent it off, are you saying things could move within the next year?


Kris: And are we still talking about Awakenings?


Pad: See, what are you hanging around for? You’re always putting excuses out there… (Kris laughs) ’Oh, I can’t do this…’ What have I been saying to you? Was I right all along, Frank?


Kris: Ok, right, ooh, that’s exciting. Ok, I think we’re going to stop, Frank, because Pad’s back is hurting and mine’s starting to stiffen up. Thanks very much for persevering. And no doubt we’ll converse again, soon.

Pad: Thank you, Frank.

Kris: Thank you, Frank, bye.

Pad: See, I like that. He’s good with you on this stuff.

Kris: He is, isn’t he?


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