Moving on to pastures new…


I (Kris) am sad to say that this will probably be the last entry posted to this Blog. For all sorts of reasons (which included illness and moving house), it became very difficult for me to continue regular posting to this or my other site Metaphysically Living. Once the dust had settled, Delcia and I decided that perhaps we were moving in different directions as far as the Blog was concerned. As you will see below, we are still very actively involved in consciousness and spirituality, but it became clear that we needed to work separately within our own fields of interest.

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Two days ago I (Delcia) ran a Channelling Development day workshop in North Cumbria.  This is an opportunity for those who have already learned to channel to meet together, practise, talk about channelling generally, develop skills, and get some answers to personal questions, and the meaning of life etc. etc. I must say we had a wonderful day with lots of fun as well as being moved to tears at times.  Continue reading

We are your psychic trainers

This was a bitter-sweet session for me, but an exciting and exhilarating one for both Paddy and myself (Kris). Neither of us realised that our previous session (which I haven’t included in this Blog it as it wasn’t particularly moving or enlightening) would be our last one with our ‘Seth’. There wasn’t even a hint that things were about to change so dramatically, and so no sense of it being an end leading to a new beginning. Continue reading

Do the Guides have sex?

I (Delcia) wanted to follow on from Kris’s last post on this topic, so decided to ask Ortundra (O.T.) what ‘his’ thoughts on sex and spirituality may be:

“Firstly I want to share with you the limitations you all put on the ‘sex act’.  You refer to sexual intercourse as being the only full way of being sexual with another.  Of course this is totally heterosexual (though penetration takes place within same sex activities), and is a limited definition.  Continue reading

What’s in a name?

I (Delcia) woke at 5.30am on July 7th with the urge to channel on the relevance of the name Ortundra.    I have been toying with the idea of altering how I name my source of guidance.  This comes with a feeling of wanting to be less identified with the New Age approach to the channelling phenomenon (hence my playing with the term ICC – Intuitive Connective Communication).  For me New Age thinking is exciting and rewarding.  However, I have always found a need to be very discerning and wary of healing systems or spiritual ideas and beliefs that present themselves as ‘the way’ or the ‘ultimate truth’.  Channelling as a phenomenon is ‘way out there’, and it seems more important than ever to earth it and make it ordinary (in it’s extra-ordinariness!).  Hence my present interest in the work of The Monroe Institute (abbreviated to TMI in the channelled piece below), and, like Kris, my reading the work of Frank de Marco.  This is what Ortundra had to say this morning: Continue reading

Can you make love without it being spiritual?

This by far is the most amazing, loving. supportive session we have ever had. Even now, over 16 months later, I still get emotional when I read it . It’s this session in particular that makes me so defensive of using the Ouija board to contact ‘others’. I know there are better ways, but I’ve not quite mastered how to have a channelled or intuitive conversation yet that even comes close to this. It’s clear from the flow of letters into words into sentences that something important had shifted for all of us: something that enabled them to come through so clearly and undistorted. Continue reading

Ortundra speaks about the process of Channelling

This post comes from a Channelling by Delcia done for an Open to Channelling group in Muswell Hill, North London in September 2008.  Ortundra indicates the greater power of working in a group, and also just how close our sources of guidance are.  He also reminds us again that we are not separate.  I (Delcia) believe that now, in 2013, our guidance is even easier to access.

Channelling process“We would like to speak more of the process of channelling and we begin with our greetings because it is always a great privilege and honour to connect with you in this way, in this space, and we are full of gratitude that you are willing to give your time, and to make your commitment to being here.  For when you come together and work together, and when you share your experiences and develop a collective energy field, it is much easier for us too to gather and be present for you.

This always brings joy and excitement for there is so much to do together, so much to learn, so much healing to take place, and we see and we understand that there is a struggle to reach us even though we are so close that you could feel us on your breath.  We are so close for we are part of the same immense field of consciousness, of universal energy within which every sentient being exists, every level of intelligence, every dimension in this amazing universe.   

We are all part of one and we are all autonomous pockets of light within that vast oneness.  So you see my dear, dear friends, we are not separate and the parts of you within yourself are not separate.  They only seem so.” 

A dearly departed gatecrashes a channelling session


This followed on almost immediately after the Ouija session of the same night. I began speaking 2 ½ mins into the recording, but I’d been ready to speak almost immediately. It wasn’t Seth, speaking, it was D. Although it seemed to begin steadily, it’s clear from the recording that I was struggling to manage the channelling, which is why it didn’t last for long. I felt D’s energy so strongly, my breathing was erratic and I could feel buzzing throughout my body.

For the record, I have never met D, nor has J or M ever spoken of him or his illness to me or Paddy.)

D (through me): The pain and fear I experienced is nothing compared to the joy I now feel. It is so important that you not only understand this, but take it to your heart. Although this is something for all of you to understand, I want to speak particularly to my brother. I want to share this exhilaration and ecstasy. I love you. Understand I don’t miss you, but please do not be hurt by that comment, I am with you always and do not experience my passing in the way that you might. There is so much I want to say. I will be your guide – we will communicate again.

(I had been expecting Seth to come through as usual. I knew straight away that it was D wanting to speak. It was such a physically powerful experience and I was so overwhelmed by this unexpected turn of events that I ended it quite quickly.)

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Forget worries about death – it is wonderful

OUIJA SESSION 29   27/11/11

We had 3 friends with us this evening for my first ‘group’ channelling. But first they each wanted to use the Ouija to ask a question of certain family members, before getting on to the more general content of the channelling. I found some of this session frustrating. We seemed to get stuck on a certain area of questioning and I began to feel we might be using Seth in a way that was more practical than spiritual. I needn’t have worried – in the next session, Seth reassured me that all questions are valid.

This session went on to be a precursor to a very exciting and mind-blowing channelling experience for me. M’s brother came through very stongly on the Ouija and was very ‘vocal’.

We set the intention as usual.

Kris: (humourously) This is probably the most we could have at a session as we can’t fit any more fingers on the glass. Do we have anybody, or any energy with us this evening?

(pause) YES

Kris: Hello. Thank you for having a go at working through so many different energies. Can we ask who it is that we’re communicating with?

(long pause) SETH

Kris & Pad: Hello Seth.

All: Hello.


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Pay attention to your heart…

I’ve missed session 25 out as it didn’t move our explorations or development forward enough for it to be of general interest. I’ve included this one to show how Seth worked with other people in providing them with support and guidance.

OUIJA SESSION 26   6/11/11

J & M were with us for this session. Intention set as usual.

Kris: Is anybody with us? (long pause, then a very slight movement from the glass – like a twitch.) I think it’s trying. (long pause) Can you manage with all these fingers on the glass? (laughslong pause) Come on, you can do it.


Kris: Who is it we’re talking to?

(very slowly) SETH

Kris: Hello, Seth. As you’ve gathered, we’ve got J and M with us tonight, and this is the first time we’ve ever worked with four people. How is it for you?


Kris: That’s good to hear. Very nice for us, too, Seth. You’ve probably been listening to what was being said before… J was asking about energy and… What was it you were saying, J?

J: About the Abraham connection, do you mean?

Kris: Yes.

J: I feel that I have a very strong emotional connection with Abraham, and I’m wondering if contacting other energies will be a good idea, will make everything even stronger, or if it’s better to be satisfied and use the Abraham connection to its fullest extent. I’m sorry that’s a very complicated question.

Kris: It’s ok, his answer will come whatever. You want to hear some of our questions.

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