Who is Seth?

It’s SETH, but not as we know him…

Those of you already familiar with the energy consciousness channelled by author and poet, Jane Roberts, will no doubt be wondering why some charlatan is claiming to be in contact with an energy form also going by the name of Seth – especially as Jane’s Seth made it clear that, in order to maintain the integrity of their work, he would never speak through anybody other than Jane. It’s not clear if Seth meant this to cover all work done during Jane’s lifetime, or forever after. However, I am not claiming that the material documented on these pages comes directly from that Seth.

The main body of Jane’s Seth material covered over twenty years – from Seth’s first appearance on the Ouija in the early 60’s right through to Jane’s death in 1984. Between them (and Jane in her own right) they produced a vast collection of work, most of which was published during Jane’s life, and some of which has been published posthumously through the endeavours of her husband, Robert Butts, and his fellow traveller in consciousness, Rick Stack. For more information on the Seth material, Jane Roberts, Robert Butts and Rick Stack, visit www.sethcenter.com or www.californiasethconference.com, where you will find more Seth information.

However, the material within this part of the blog does not come from that Seth, but from what we’ve been told is an aspect of that Seth. If you’re a fan of Jane’s Seth, then the contents of these Seth pages might seem like the sacrilegious ramblings of a Jane wannabe. I probably would’ve made that assumption, too, a few months ago. But if you read the relevant entries, you will soon see that I went through my own personal torment questioning the legitimacy of an energy that, calling itself Seth, began to make contact with me and my partner through the Ouija board.

I spent weeks struggling to come to terms with, and make sense of, what was happening. I found myself on a psychological, emotional and spiritual roller-coaster ride that just wouldn’t let me off, and regularly quizzed ‘our’ Seth on his identity, origins and motives for coming through.

What we were told was that he is an ‘essence of form’, and an aspect of Jane’s Seth – part of the greater entity that is Seth, yet separate. (It was suggested that we refer to Jane’s comments on ‘aspects’, explained in her book, ‘Adventures in Consciousness’.) We have also been told that our Seth is part of a group of four energies – something like Abraham, perhaps – and that they are ‘here for (my) spiritual knowledge, mutual understanding, love and (my) personal development‘.

Over time, it became clearer to us that the version of Seth we were in communication with was not the same as the Seth channelled by Jane Roberts. This brought me a great sense of relief, and opened the space for me to have a fuller relationship with our Seth – a relationship that has brought me amazing guidance, comfort and developmental challenges in equal measures.


Having been an avid reader and follower of the Seth material for a number of years, I was shocked, amazed and very sceptical when our Seth first came through on the Ouija. Up until that point (Session 11), we had been happily communicating with someone who told us he was my Uncle Frank. Known for his teasing, we wondered if this was Frank playing a cosmic joke. We were already exploring the possibility that it was as aspect of our subconscious mind(s) somehow manipulating the glass, so did this prove once and for all that this was what was going on? Was it in some way wish-fulfilment? Or, had I used my highly focused intention, via the Law of Attraction, to create the space in which Jane’s Seth could communicate with me?

This was a very difficult time for me as it seemed that one minute (and it did almost seem like it was a minute by minute journey) I’d be convinced I was making it all up, then equally convinced that Seth was who he claimed to be. But who was that? In that first Seth session, Seth said that Frank was also a part of his essence. I now wonder if the Frank on the ‘board’ really was my Uncle Frank, or if he was a way for ‘Seth’ to prepare us for what was to come. Using a member of my family helped me be reassured that we were in good and safe hands. It encouraged us to continue with our experiments (for that’s what they were in the beginning).

I continued trying to make sense of it all, still wanting straightforward answers to my unending questions. I didn’t always need to voice these questions and doubts, Seth would often comment anyway. In Session 36, Seth came through straightaway with, ‘Kris you have to get past (yo)ur block about who I am,’ and to ‘only concentrate on (ou)r relationship’.

Well, this blog (and this particular ‘aspect’ of the blog) is the result of my attempts to finally get over the block about who our Seth is. With each session we hold, I become stronger in my belief that we are in communication with something much bigger than we are, and that it just so happens that this multi-energy has the name Seth. Back in 1963 when Seth first appeared on the Ouija, Robert Butts asked if it was Jane’s subconscious talking. Seth answered, ‘Subconscious is like a corridor. What difference does it make which door you travel through?‘ We have received similar validation that the source isn’t important, it’s the message. So, hopefully, if you read more of the material in our Seth sessions, you will be able to put aside any doubts or sceptism that you may have about it’s origins, and focus instead on the words of love and guidance being offered.


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