Make yourself available for souls who want to communicate

In this prophetic session, Watchers told me that I would communicate with souls and help them to accept their situation.  I wasn’t quite sure how this would happen – via Out of Body Experiences, or through channelling? I’d already experienced a powerful channelled session where the brother of a friend (who also recently passed) came through. To say I was taken by surprise at this would be an understatement! That was 11 months ago (Session 17, 27th Nov 2011) and seemingly a one off as nothing similar happened after that. However, a couple of months ago I experienced something even more powerful and more convincing. (I write about this in detail in my Metaphysically Living blog.) It’s left me in no doubt that I don’t need to ‘channel’ in order to communicate with those who have passed: although I’ve yet to be able to do it ‘to order’. Time will tell. Continue reading



OUIJA SESSION 48  17/3/12

In this session, Seth and Pad’s guide (and Dad) explain that sex with soul is beneficial to our spiritual development and that it doesn’t necessarily have to of the Tantric variety! Thank goodness for that! I don’t think I’d have the patience :p

The timing of this post is an example of synchronicity in action. A couple of weekends ago, Paddy and I participated in an Excursion weekend. This is the Monroe Institute (TMI) programme that helps to develop our ability to, amongst other things, have out of body experiences (OOBE’s). It was a great weekend even though I didn’t actually experience a regular OOBE – the reason is explained in this timely session. Continue reading

Unconditional Love is stored for you

Ortundra continues to speak about the nature of unconditional love …

The core of your human beingness is a love that never judges, is never critical, and accepts all that there is.  What comes into your being affects your connection with unconditional love, which is at the source of you.  What happens is that source may shrink or expand or remain muted or stuck.  This is partly dependent on what is coming in on the in breath.  It is also dependent on what goes out in the out breath, and here we have much greater choice that we realise.  This is the same for guides except that we do this on a different level.  However, we take in and breath out just like you.  How we manage this process of recognising what can support our system and our growth, and what does not support this, often depends on the amount of unconditional love we have access to in our soul.  So the troubling aspect of human experiences at this time is that for those who have taken in damaging messages and experiences, there is not only a reduction in  the availability of unconditional love in the soul, but also the person is impeded by that lack of availability.  In terms of processing what has come in they need to breathe out and release that which is not life enhancing.

However, and this is where we talk of the wounded here.  The experience of a degree of wounding means that when that person does begin and continue to make that connection to the unconditional love in their own soul, the power of that love is immense.  It’s immense because what happens is that it is stored for them.  It never goes away, it is simply stored away.

Some people are born with massive wounds from the past and are born to parents who are able to help them access their store of unconditional love.  These are very special parents who are very evolved.  Some are angel forms.   But many, many parents have shrunk from their own access to unconditional love and their souls are sadly unable to truly help themselves and therefore they are unable to help their child.  Guides and other beings of light are committed to helping every body who needs this access to unconditional love within their own soul and beyond.  This is our work and it gives us great joy.  And we, I, with many others, are ready to support you.  If you already have a strong connection then we help you develop and expand that connection with your own source of unconditional love.  From some the link is more tenuous.  For others it is a question of allowing this possibility to filter in through the mind into a cellular level so that you can begin to simply get used to the idea of the possibility of experiencing a consistent flow of unconditional love in your life.

You are the souls who hear the whisper…

This is our first joint post! We’ve just spent a couple of hours on Easter Sunday adding to our site and discussing in more depth our aims and objectives for setting it up, and how best to present the vast amount of channelled material that we both have.

We want to share topics and thoughts that we feel are most empowering for our visitors and that promote the benefits of receiving and sharing channelled material.

Here’s a quote from Ortundra which we feel is encouraging of this journey that we and many others are on:

            ‘The time for psychic knowledge in the modern world is yet to come and you are the forerunners. You are the souls who hear the whisper, who touch in on the other dimension, who feel the pulsations in the body that speak to you.’