Doubt breeds fear

SESSION 16  4/10/11

The night before this session I’d had a dream about being in what looked like an underground car park. I could see a brightly-lit tunnel ahead of me with lots of people queuing to walk into it. I was in the queue but was really nervous about going into the tunnel as I couldn’t see where it led.

The whole experience of the Ouija and channelling was causing a lot of doubts and questions about where it was coming from. What if I was tapping into a deep part of my subconscious? This would be great in itself, but not if I conned myself into believing it was coming from elsewhere. This was to be the start of a very difficult time for me as I oscillated between doubt and disbelief, and trust and acceptance.

We set our intentions as usual.

Kris: Hello, is there anybody there?


Kris: Who is it we’re speaking to?


Kris / Pad: Good evening, Seth.

Kris: A bit of a tumultuous time at the moment – have you any guidance at all for me, to help me through this time?

            YOU (pauseYES

Kris: Can or should?


Kris:Ok, I thought ‘you can relax’, and nothing moved, and I thought ‘should’ relax and got ‘Yes’. Is that right?


Kris: Why should I relax? Because I sure would like to.

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Anxiety is a form of separation …

Following on from the last piece from Ortundra on fear, here is a short piece that was channeled a while back.  My own experience is that I  feel the kind of anxiety that hangs around all day when I feel disconnected from loved ones, or nature, or Ortundra and his level of consciousness.  Delcia

“Anxiety cripples the human soul.  It has its place in human experience. It is a form of fear. There can be no anxiety when you feel connected with other loving human beings, and with the source of love – which you may call God or light or divinity.”

Energy moves helter-skelter

SESSION 15  2/10/11

Our intention was slightly different tonight as this was the first Ouija session after I’d attended the Open to Channelling workshop run by Delcia. Now I realy start to explore what Seth is and where the words I say when ‘channelling’ come from.

We set our intention to just get in touch with Seth.

Pad: Hello, are you there, Seth?


Pad: And was that… Just a few moments ago we were doing some channelling, was that you talking through Kris?


Pad: Kris wants to talk to you a bit (laughter) so she can enjoy some of the conversation.

Kris: So, my first attempt today, Seth, at the workshop – what did you think? Was that you, or was it me? Who was it that was speaking when I did that one today?


Kris: I was so nervous. What was it like for you? (laughs)

          YOU CAN DO

Kris: ‘Better’?


Kris: (laughing) I thought that too, funnily enough. I thought my heart was going to stop.

Pad: But you did do better just now.

Kris: Yeh. What did you think tonight, then? How was that?


Kris: Decidedly better?


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Higher good has the best intentions…

SESSION 14   1/10/11

I had attended the first day of an Open to Channelling workshop. No channelling had been attempted today, but the participants had ‘connected’ with their guides. I felt, and was told, that my guide was Seth, and I’d had very positive results from the meditation. Although I was very tired, I wanted to try the Ouija as an experiment to see if what came through was any clearer after the workshop. In the end, my tiredness got the better of us all and it turned out to be one of our shortest sessions.

We set our intentions as usual.

Kris: Is there anybody there?


Kris: To whom are we speaking?


Kris: Hello, Seth – again.

Pad: Hello.

Kris: Is this a good idea having a session tonight after the channelling day today?


Kris: Have you any thoughts on how that went today? What did you make of it?



Kris: Is there more?


Kris: Was that you I met on the bridge (in the meditation)?


Kris: Have you any comments on that aspect of the day?


Kris: And what can I expect tomorrow?


Kris: Anything else you want to talk about, tonight? Well, talk to us about?



Pad: Did you ask a question? (in my mind)

Kris: No.

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Are you ready for the Seth treatment?

This was our first use of the Ouija in a workshop setting. Even though we’ve used it with friends quite a lot, I was a bit nervous as I had no idea if it would work and whether the material would be any good. I was also worried the participants might not trust what was happening. There were two people at each sitting – 2 on Day One and 2 on Day Two. On Day one, we decided to work with them separately with only one of them touching the glass with myself and Paddy – something that may have had an effect on the outcome. On Day Two, we again had two people, only this time we worked with them both at the same time. The results were quite different, with Seth’s sense of humour coming through very strongly on Day Two.

There are so many factors that go into the clarity of material in a session, least of all the beliefs of the participants. If they are sceptical or afraid this can block what comes through and how well it is received. At this stage in our experience of using the Ouija, we’ve come to realise that our subconscious is what’s mostly responsible for moving the glass (an ideo-motor response as experienced during hypnosis, for instance); however, the messages are being passed through the subconscious from elsewhere –either Seth or a family member.

By the end of the second day, all four participants had a very positive opinion of using the Ouija as a means to connecting with loving energies and receiving valuable information and guidance from them, as the following quotes can testify to.

‘I was apprehensive about the Ouija board, due to associations with séances, bad spirits etc., so it was good to have this de-bunked over the weekend. .. it was a great experience. .. I started to watch everything about channelling I could on YouTube but then was spooked about something posted about the Ouija and letting evil into your house, that once again I was frightened about it. That was only for a short while and I came to see it as a means for channelling, no different from other forms and can be used in positive ways as long as good intentions are made clear. As always, channelling from Ortundra was something that leaves me with such feelings of hope and love.’

‘Practical, safe explanations of how to use the Ouija board and how to get loving messages. ‘

‘Opened my eyes and changed my opinion of the Ouija board.’

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Fear is the absence of love

Are you fearful about the future?

 This piece was channelled on 7.7.12 by Ortundra at our Introductiion to Channelling Workshop.  The group was considering the co-creation of reality.

out of stage 4

To feel fearful requires imagination.  And imagination is the greatest tool that the human being has.  It is your link with us.  It is also your link with visualising negative outcomes.  To use the energy that goes into fear, to make that energy neutral and to then turn it within the imagination into visualising positive outcomes changes your reality, and changes all that is possible.  So the key is to notice what you are visualising about the future that gives you fear, and change those pictures and whatever words and messages are going with that into its opposite.

This is not to be in denial.  This is not to be ‘away with the fairies’ as you may say, but it is to manage the vibrational rate of fear and know that it is self generated, and 95% unnecessary.

As an emotion for human beings, fear is essential.  It tells you when you are in danger, and therefore you can organise yourself, as a biochemical organism, to remove yourself from danger, or deal with it in some way.  But we estimate that 5% of the amount of fear experienced and generated by human beings is all that is necessary.So imagine all the energy going into the other 95% being available to be creative and joyful and available to enjoy all that you do.  And if you do not enjoy what you are doing stop doing it or find a way of being able to enjoy it.  For where there is joy and where there is love, fear cannot exist.  For fear is the absence of love.  Fear is the absence of joy.  And fear vibrates at the same level as excitement.