You must go within and imagine the healing energy flowing within you…

SESSION 34   22/12/11

In this session, ‘our’ Seth was counsellor, dream therapist and spiritual life coach. It was one of the best, most helpful sessions we’d had to date. If only all sessions could be this clear…

I was still feeling the effects of a bad cold. Also, I had been quite ill since 14th Dec. Consequently, I was feeling run down and quite tired. Intention set as usual, but we tried to go straight for Seth rather than just asking if anybody was there as we usually do. Pad re-states the intention, naming Seth as the energy we wish to communicate with. However, he still didn’t trust the process…


Pad: Does that mean that’s you Seth?


Pad: Can you tell us who we’re talking to?


Kris/Pad: Hello, Seth.

Kris: I was wondering, Seth, is it possible on the Ouija for you to communicate in more than ‘yes’, ‘no’ and short sentences?


            I PLAN TO SPEAK MORE   JUST GET OVER N (circles a bit) I (I ask him to start again after ‘I’) NIGHT

Kris: So was that right? Was that last word meant to be ‘night’?



Kris: Is there anything you can tell me about my health at the moment?



‘Spirea’ – the total union of spirit and earth Part II

Spirea IIThis second post from Ortundra on the theme of ‘Spirea’, comes from a group channelling that Delcia did in June 2001.  It is even more relevant as we begin 2013.

“The separation of earthly and spirit has come about mainly because individuals and groups have sought to find inner peace through actually going to war.  What I mean by this is that many people have believed that to feel peace demands the acquisition of land, material goods, and emotional power over others. Continue reading

When You Stop Projecting (your authority) You Become More Powerful

OUIJA SESSION 30   9/12/11

This session was held after we’d told our friends, J and C, about our Ouija and Channelling explorations. They are very clear that it isn’t healthy to project your authority onto anyone – especially religious leaders, gurus, spiritual masters, or even teachers – and so I’d been really nervous aOuija experiences with them in the fear that they would judge us as projecting our spiritual authority onto Seth (something that Paddy was clear we were not doing).  As it turned out, they were very receptive and interested in what we’ve been doing. So much so, that they arranged to have a session with us! It was at this point that Seth began to abbreviate some words by using text language!

We set our intention as usual.

Kris: Who is it we’re talking to?


Kris & Pad: Good evening, Seth.

Kris: Phew, what an evening! What are your thoughts?


Kris: Praise, praise, praise. Is that right?

            WE ARE PROUD OF YOU

Kris / Pad: Thank you.

Kris: I think we’re proud of ourselves, aren’t we? How do you think it went, from your perspective?

            U MUST NOT PROJECT

Pad: Your authority. Continue reading

‘Spirea’ – the total union of spirit and earth Part I

Spirea IThis and the next two posts from Ortundra come from a group channelling that Delcia did in June 2001.  They are even more relevant as we begin 2013.

“Earthly and spirit are very much part of Western thinking, and in many ways this thinking is dominating the planet.  It is the depth and, in some ways, rigidity of this philosophical thought system that we seek, with your help, to radically change.  For, as so many of you are all well aware, it is this artificial separation between spirit and earthly that causes so much suffering, both to the individual internally and in the community and the collective.  Continue reading