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Delcia  McNeil

Energy Healer & Psychotherapist

2013 schedule

In North London

Sunday 10 February, 10am-4.30pm

O2C Open to Channelling – Intuitive Connected Communication – one day workshop for therapists & healers new to channelling and for further channelling development.  Flat 2, 56 Queens Avenue, Muswell Hill, London N10 3NU  

“Delcia McNeil’s Channelling course was powerful and gentle all at the same time in a very safe place to unleash your vulnerability, nurtured at all times in a loving and safe, non-judgemental environment.  I LOVED AND ENJOYED THE DAY.  Delcia sets about de-mystifying channelling with her no nonsense style of teaching and common sense.  Hurray ,many thanks.”   Karen G.

Fee:    £85   (non-refundable deposit of £40)

Please make out your deposit cheque to Delcia McNeil and send to her at:

5 Woodlands Close, Storth, Milnthorpe, Cumbria LA7 7JH or contact for bank transfer details

t. 015395 62420    m. 07515 807366


Note: this one day workshop will be repeated on Sunday 8 September 2013

In Cumbria

Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 February, 10am-5pm daily

O2C Open to Channelling – Intuitive Connected Communication – weekend course at Todd  Close, Curthwaite, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 8BE – for therapists & healers and those on a spiritual path 

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course – the inspirational energy and the work we did was far beyond my expectations.  Thank you very much.”  CW, Kendal, Cumbria


Fee:    £150   (non-refundable deposit of £50 required to secure a place)

Please make out your deposit cheque to Delcia McNeil and send to her at:

5 Woodlands Close, Storth, Milnthorpe, Cumbria LA7 7JH or contact for bank transfer details

t. 015395 62420    m. 07515 807366


Note:  There are just two spaces left on this course.  

It will be repeated at the same venue on 1 & 2 June 2013

For more details on the content of these events, or to have any questions answered or concerns explored contact Delcia personally:    015395 62420      07515 807366


How to play hide and seek…with a dead person

SESSION 22   23/10/11

This is the latter part of Session 22. The previous section had been quite random and a bit confusing. We weren’t sure who it was that we were speaking too. Even so, we persisted and we’re really glad we did because what transpired was one of the most interesting,exciting and amusing sessions we’d had.  I would never look at my reflection in a mirror in the same way again.


Kris: What is happening? Why is it so difficult for a message to be spelled out? (pause) Why are we struggling?


Kris: Is it being blocked by one of us in some way?


Pad: What’s it being blocked by, Seth?

            HIGHER SELF

Pad: Whose higher self?

            ACTING LIKE SETH

Pad: Is it one of our higher selves acting like Seth?


Pad: Is itsomebody else’s higher self acting like Seth?


Pad: Do you know whose higher self it is?


Pad: Can you tell us whose it is?


Pad: So, what would be the best thing to do?

            ACT LIKE FRANK

Kris: Do you mean Frank should just come clean and act like Frank on the board?


Kris: Instead of trying to act like Seth?

            YES Continue reading

Are you a very good negative thinker?

As I (Delcia) read through some transcripts from a group channelling workshop from a few years ago, I came across this useful piece about the power of negative thinking.  Here’s what Ortundra says about it …

“You need to make a commitment to listening to every word that you utter.  This is very exciting because it would take very little for you to feel a whole lot better.

It’s a question of habitual mental programming.  You need to make a commitment to practice making positive statements, like exercising a muscle.   Every time you hear yourself stating a negative, turn it around and you can ask other people to help you to put it into its positive.  Immediately you do that you change the energy working in yourself, and also what’s available to you.  So in terms of direction, in changing the ground inside yourself from which you’re thinking, you change your emotional life.  The positivity will attract whatever it is you need to move forward.  The power of negative affirming is very great, and it’s habitual.  You need to know you can change it with a click of your fingers.  Take the word ‘but’ out of your vocabulary.  The power of your negative affirming is equal to the power of your positive affirming.”

Energy is getting ready for a channel…

SESSION 19  –  15/10/11

I’ve excluded Session 18 as it was very short and didn’t really reveal anything new or particularly interesting about our journey or development. Also, this is one session that was separated by a channelling session.

(Please be aware that these sessions took place round about this time last year.)

Intention set as usual.

Kris: Is anybody there?


Kris: Who is it we’re speaking with?


Kris: Hello, Seth. It’s been a while, in our terms, since we last spoke. And I did have something I wanted to ask you, and I’m afraid I’ve forgotten.

            DID YOUR DAY GO WELL

Kris: Today?


Kris: Yes, cleaning Tipi’s today, Pad was practicing.


Kris: Do you mean you’re getting ready or me? Seth or Kris? Or both?


Kris: Yes, I’m er…I wouldn’t say I was looking forward to it – that would be a lie.

             HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF Continue reading

Unconditional Love is stored for you

Ortundra continues to speak about the nature of unconditional love …

The core of your human beingness is a love that never judges, is never critical, and accepts all that there is.  What comes into your being affects your connection with unconditional love, which is at the source of you.  What happens is that source may shrink or expand or remain muted or stuck.  This is partly dependent on what is coming in on the in breath.  It is also dependent on what goes out in the out breath, and here we have much greater choice that we realise.  This is the same for guides except that we do this on a different level.  However, we take in and breath out just like you.  How we manage this process of recognising what can support our system and our growth, and what does not support this, often depends on the amount of unconditional love we have access to in our soul.  So the troubling aspect of human experiences at this time is that for those who have taken in damaging messages and experiences, there is not only a reduction in  the availability of unconditional love in the soul, but also the person is impeded by that lack of availability.  In terms of processing what has come in they need to breathe out and release that which is not life enhancing.

However, and this is where we talk of the wounded here.  The experience of a degree of wounding means that when that person does begin and continue to make that connection to the unconditional love in their own soul, the power of that love is immense.  It’s immense because what happens is that it is stored for them.  It never goes away, it is simply stored away.

Some people are born with massive wounds from the past and are born to parents who are able to help them access their store of unconditional love.  These are very special parents who are very evolved.  Some are angel forms.   But many, many parents have shrunk from their own access to unconditional love and their souls are sadly unable to truly help themselves and therefore they are unable to help their child.  Guides and other beings of light are committed to helping every body who needs this access to unconditional love within their own soul and beyond.  This is our work and it gives us great joy.  And we, I, with many others, are ready to support you.  If you already have a strong connection then we help you develop and expand that connection with your own source of unconditional love.  From some the link is more tenuous.  For others it is a question of allowing this possibility to filter in through the mind into a cellular level so that you can begin to simply get used to the idea of the possibility of experiencing a consistent flow of unconditional love in your life.