Moving on to pastures new…


I (Kris) am sad to say that this will probably be the last entry posted to this Blog. For all sorts of reasons (which included illness and moving house), it became very difficult for me to continue regular posting to this or my other site Metaphysically Living. Once the dust had settled, Delcia and I decided that perhaps we were moving in different directions as far as the Blog was concerned. As you will see below, we are still very actively involved in consciousness and spirituality, but it became clear that we needed to work separately within our own fields of interest.

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Can you make love without it being spiritual?

This by far is the most amazing, loving. supportive session we have ever had. Even now, over 16 months later, I still get emotional when I read it . It’s this session in particular that makes me so defensive of using the Ouija board to contact ‘others’. I know there are better ways, but I’ve not quite mastered how to have a channelled or intuitive conversation yet that even comes close to this. It’s clear from the flow of letters into words into sentences that something important had shifted for all of us: something that enabled them to come through so clearly and undistorted. Continue reading

Welcome to our travels!

We’re loving the journey – how about you?

This blog is under construction.

If you have happened upon it, please feel free to comment, but just bear in mind that it’s work in progress and that the content hasn’t been signed off yet by both Delcia and Kris.

We’re looking forward to being at the stage where it’s all polished, fine tuned and expressing our thoughts and feelings about the work that we do and our individual and shared view of the universe!

For now, please stick with us and maybe come back for another visit soon – the site will be growing and developing almost on a daily basis as we add more material and pages.