Every Death is a Transformation


I still couldn’t get my head around the whole change in direction our communication seemed to have taken. I wanted so much to believe that it really was Jane’s Seth, yet had serious doubts – something I’ve yet to completely let go of.

Prior to starting we talked about how we’d like the session to progress, and my needing definitive proof that we are communicating with Seth. I would like to get to the point where we were hearing more from ‘Seth’ and less from us. Also, that I’d like advice on how to approach Sue Watkins re: the subject matter of the email.

            A D Z U

(I laugh.)

Pad: Hello? Who is this?


Kris/Pad: Hello Seth.

Kris: (laughing) Were you just getting our intention with that ‘Adzu’? (the glass moves slowly towards yes/no) Mmm, sort of. So, you’ve obviously been – well, I’m assuming you’ve been aware of what we’ve been discussing in terms of the direction we’d like this session to go in. Is there anything that you can…that you want to say to get the ball rolling? (pause)


Kris: Erm, do you mean the script will be finished?


Pad: Better get on to it.

Kris: By a year?! The email that I’ve written to Sue Watkins, can you give me any feedback on that?


Kris: Did you mean ‘Segment’?



Kris: ‘Begin with segment…’

            ENERGY FILM

Kris: Can you tell me what else I might put in that segment?

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What is the difference between fantasy and dreaming?

The fantasy is the dream that is never manifested; it remains a fantasy when no action has been taken.

The fantasy is a whim; it may be a thought; it may be an entertainment. When you go out to entertainment, you go to something; you pay money and you watch it and you come away.

It is short term. You are satisfied.

But a dream, a real dream, stays forever with you.

It does not leave you alone; it pops back in your mind at the most unexpected moments.

You may see someone else who is doing something similar to your dream, or you may pass the house or see the lovers or the car that is in your dream and you are reminded and it hurts.

This is how you can test out your dream.  It matters to you.

A fantasy has no substance, no roots, whereas a dream holds within it the key to your complete happiness.


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