Moving on to pastures new…


I (Kris) am sad to say that this will probably be the last entry posted to this Blog. For all sorts of reasons (which included illness and moving house), it became very difficult for me to continue regular posting to this or my other site Metaphysically Living. Once the dust had settled, Delcia and I decided that perhaps we were moving in different directions as far as the Blog was concerned. As you will see below, we are still very actively involved in consciousness and spirituality, but it became clear that we needed to work separately within our own fields of interest.

Cdreamstimefree_99398reating this Blog has been an amazing experience for me: it helped me to chronicle an emerging part of my life that continues to influence everything I do. Paddy and I no longer use the Ouija on a regular basis. I do sometimes use itwith a recently widowed friend, and it’s proving to be a special way of helping her to cope with her grief and her life without him as a physical being. These are very personal sessions to her and so are not appropriate to be included on this Blog. Instead of the Ouija, I now use Channelling as a more direct – and therefore less open to misinterpretation or distortion – form of communication with my Guides.

 DVI have also been writing a self-help book about limiting Core Beliefs, and how they are created in childhood and continue to sabotage us in adulthood. There are (naturally!), spiritual aspects to this work, but it is mostly from a therapeutic viewpoint. I am now concentrating on my writing, therapies and workshops, and so have set up a new Blog, Krisalys, on which I will be posting information about my book, ‘Who’s the Boss of You?’, articles about the therapies I use with my clients, i.e. Meta-medicine, Inner Child work, Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression, Families, etc, channelled guidance and inspiration.


As for Delcia, she is focusing on her Channelling, Chakra Psychology and art (see below). We’re both active members of a Cumbrian chapter of The Monroe Institute exploring consciousness through Out of Body Experiences and lucid dreaming.

Thank you all for being such loyal followers and for accompanying Delcia and I on our travels around consciousness. I really hope you join us on our new adventures and come to visit us on our new sites!


If you would like to contact me or find out about my books, therapies or workshops, then please visit my new blog:

Delcia’s website for channelling is now, where you will find blog posts and details of workshops, plus other interesting information about channelling.

Her book, which is available in paperback or as an e-book, Channelling for Life; an A-Z of human issues  canbe purchased from:Image generated by GPL Ghostscript (device=pnmraw)

  • Delcia directly – email – have your copy signed if you would like this.




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