Moving on to pastures new…


I (Kris) am sad to say that this will probably be the last entry posted to this Blog. For all sorts of reasons (which included illness and moving house), it became very difficult for me to continue regular posting to this or my other site Metaphysically Living. Once the dust had settled, Delcia and I decided that perhaps we were moving in different directions as far as the Blog was concerned. As you will see below, we are still very actively involved in consciousness and spirituality, but it became clear that we needed to work separately within our own fields of interest.

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Energy goes everywhere your thoughts go

In this second half of session 36, Paddy got to talk to his dad in a way that he never would have done had his dad still been in physical. It was very moving for us both, but particularly cathartic for Paddy. Working in this way with (our) Seth, is another example of how our sessions help to heal historical rifts with family members, as well as helping us to work on personal issues.

At this point in the session we discussed that once someone has passed, conversation is no longer about everyday things – they are no longer relevant, it’s about love and caring and just being able to communicate. We also learned that the way we think about our passed loved ones affects them – helping or hindering them in their development and learning depending on whether our thoughts are loving or bitter, for example.

OUIJA SESSION 36 (part 2) 30/12/11

Pad: Thank you, Seth. I’d like to speak to my dad, if he’s there.

Kris: Are you there, John?


Pad: Hello, dad. What would you like me to call you?


Pad: Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I suppose the first thing I wanted to say was thanks for all the things that you did for me when you were here (in physical). And I would like to try to make a stronger contact…


Kris: (laughs) John, he’s going to think it’s me doing that. (pause) Well, I feel love from Pad, John.

Pad: So, do you think I’m holding back?


Pad: So do you have any specific advice, anything that…


A dearly departed gatecrashes a channelling session


This followed on almost immediately after the Ouija session of the same night. I began speaking 2 ½ mins into the recording, but I’d been ready to speak almost immediately. It wasn’t Seth, speaking, it was D. Although it seemed to begin steadily, it’s clear from the recording that I was struggling to manage the channelling, which is why it didn’t last for long. I felt D’s energy so strongly, my breathing was erratic and I could feel buzzing throughout my body.

For the record, I have never met D, nor has J or M ever spoken of him or his illness to me or Paddy.)

D (through me): The pain and fear I experienced is nothing compared to the joy I now feel. It is so important that you not only understand this, but take it to your heart. Although this is something for all of you to understand, I want to speak particularly to my brother. I want to share this exhilaration and ecstasy. I love you. Understand I don’t miss you, but please do not be hurt by that comment, I am with you always and do not experience my passing in the way that you might. There is so much I want to say. I will be your guide – we will communicate again.

(I had been expecting Seth to come through as usual. I knew straight away that it was D wanting to speak. It was such a physically powerful experience and I was so overwhelmed by this unexpected turn of events that I ended it quite quickly.)

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DIY advice from the afterlife….

Session 24   30th October 2011

(This session was conducted with a friend, K. There was quite a lot of personal information and references, which I have omitted.)

K: Can we see if there’s anybody there from my family? Just in case.

Kris: Is there anybody from K’s family there, and if so, what’s your name?


Kris: Do you know anyone called Steven?

K: Only my older brother who is in this life.

Kris: Are you anything to do with K?


Kris: So who are you here to speak to?


Kris: Ok, I’ve got a feeling I know who you are. Are you Steven my brother-in-law? (Ste had passed several years ago from alcohol related illnesses.)


Kris: Ste, do you have a message then, something you’d like to tell me?

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Every death is important

SESSION 17   5/10/11

The night before this session I’d had another significant dream where I met an amused looking man dressed like a dandy in black and white clothes and holding a cane. He didn’t speak, just smiled knowingly at me, amused in a friendly way at my dis-ease with what I was experiencing.

I was also days away from facilitating a new workshop for support workers on ‘Working with the Bereaved’.

We set our intentions as per usual.

Kris: Is anybody there?


Kris: Who are we speaking to?


Kris: I’m feeling a lot better today, as I’m sure you’re aware. Another interesting dream last night. Were you in it, by any chance?


Kris: Who were you in the dream?

            MAN IN BLACK

Kris: …and white clothes?


Kris: Mmm, I thought so. I had a feeling that might be you. What did the black & white signify?


Kris: Black and white?


Kris: Yeh, I figured that. Or maybe I didn’t, maybe you and I figured it between us, Seth. What was the bowl of.. (the glass begins to move)


Singing and Ouija mind-reading…

For this early session we were joined by my life-long friend, Janet. As well as thoughts on why she needs to sing more (something we agree with 100%), we also tried a bit of Ouija mind-reading! We had several partial hits and a few misses, which I think was quite a good outcome so early on in our Ouija experience. Things have moved on quite a ways with Seth and how we use the Ouija since we held this session, I hope you can keep following/reading the sessions until we get up to date. We’re loving it and the people Seth is helping are also loving it.

SESSION 13   25/9/11

We set our intention as usual, and establish that we’re talking to Seth.


Kris: I think it’s ‘people’, for certain people. Is that right?


Paddy: Can you tell us that, Jan?

Jan: Because I’m only comfortable with certain people.

Kris: Have you got any suggestions what she might do instead?


Kris: So she should sing more then?


Kris: Should she just sing for herself? Would that be enough?


Kris: Does Janet need to perform in order to get this energy?


Kris: What happens when Janet performs that makes this energy different?


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Introduction to Channelling workshop

Delcia and I recently held our Expanding Consciousness workshop – an introduction to Channelling. It was a great success and a lot of fun! I’m in the process of putting the transcript together from the Ouija sessions we did with the participants and just waiting to hear back with their respective permission to use part or all of the transcript on our site. Delcia will be doing the same for her Channellings from Ortundra.

It was an amazing experience for all concerned, with Seth gently and humourously bringing people from doubt and fear to joy and acceptance – a wonderful example of their ability to know exactly what each individual needs in order to get the most out of ‘the Seth treatment’. Ortundra, too, won over the hearts of our attendees and proved once again to be a powerful source of invaluable guidance and insight.

The whole weekend was a clear demonstration of what an affective and impressive resource Channelling – be it verbally or through the Ouija –  can be, and that with the Ouija particularly, there is no need for fear or misgivings when approached with an open heart, clear intention and integrity.

The afterlife and mediumship

Held within a dream

This piece was channelled from Ortundra a while ago and I think it follows Kris’s last piece about death. 

It is important to know that belief in life after death takes many guises and many forms: one of which is the attempt and seeming success of connecting with the actual personality character of the deceased.

This is, in my view, a straightforward process in that the energy body of that character, that personality level, remains in a form in the universal consciousness rather as we have libraries and reference books.

There is always a record of the character or personality. If you could imagine the universe or consciousness as an incredible computer, you would find that the energetic imprint of that character or personality is saved in the memory bank.

It is possible with a very highly evolved medium, that when there is a request from a person who is alive in a body to meet with an ancestor or someone recently deceased, that the spirit of that person can be called.

If the soul or spirit is willing, it can pick up through the network the energy form of its previous character and personality. This is a very common practice and takes form according to the culture in which the mediumship is happening.

We are thinking here of the work of shamans, witchdoctors, psychic surgeons, trance healers and other kinds of clairvoyance.

It is possible for some spirits and souls to remain enclosed within the personality or character energy form.  People can choose to do this and stay very close to their loved ones on earth for some time.

However, the majority move on sooner or later. That character formation structure is also fed by the memories of those who are alive and is held in this universal computer.

This is to simplify a very complex but very natural process. I cannot overestimate for you the complexity of universal intelligence.

We are all part of that – whether we are in human bodies or not. This is the best explanation that I can give at this time in my own evolution and with this particular channel.

Every Death is a Transformation


I still couldn’t get my head around the whole change in direction our communication seemed to have taken. I wanted so much to believe that it really was Jane’s Seth, yet had serious doubts – something I’ve yet to completely let go of.

Prior to starting we talked about how we’d like the session to progress, and my needing definitive proof that we are communicating with Seth. I would like to get to the point where we were hearing more from ‘Seth’ and less from us. Also, that I’d like advice on how to approach Sue Watkins re: the subject matter of the email.

            A D Z U

(I laugh.)

Pad: Hello? Who is this?


Kris/Pad: Hello Seth.

Kris: (laughing) Were you just getting our intention with that ‘Adzu’? (the glass moves slowly towards yes/no) Mmm, sort of. So, you’ve obviously been – well, I’m assuming you’ve been aware of what we’ve been discussing in terms of the direction we’d like this session to go in. Is there anything that you can…that you want to say to get the ball rolling? (pause)


Kris: Erm, do you mean the script will be finished?


Pad: Better get on to it.

Kris: By a year?! The email that I’ve written to Sue Watkins, can you give me any feedback on that?


Kris: Did you mean ‘Segment’?



Kris: ‘Begin with segment…’

            ENERGY FILM

Kris: Can you tell me what else I might put in that segment?

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It’s Seth, but not as we know him…


This was the most amazing session to-date! I’ve included the entire transcript as it was such a seminal session. Nothing was the same from this night on. It turned everything on its head and caused a lot of soul-searching and self-analysis. The confusion over whether we were somehow inadvertently responsible for the movement of the glass was heightened ten-fold! It had also become more important for me personally to try to figure out what was going on – something that would also be played out in my dreams.

We have since come to a better understanding of who it is we are in communication with. I realise now that it isn’t Jane RobertsSeth. Our Seth maintains that he/it/they are an aspect of that Seth. It could be that whatever we contact used that name in order to gain our trust. We considered that this could be the case and might mean it was something we should be wary of. However, since then we have had so many sessions and other forms of contact with our Seth that were filled with unconditional love and the genuine desire to support, guide and help us, that we are no longer in any doubt as to the pure and loving motives of this energy called Seth.

Kris: Hello, is anybody there?


Pad: Frank, are you there?


Kris: Is anybody there?


Kris: To whom are we speaking?

(pause, then slowly)   SETH

Kris: (laughing) Seth!!? My goodness! Is this the same Seth that used to communicate via Jane Roberts?


Kris: Well then, Seth, you will appreciate how incredulous… (laughs) this is just… We’ve only just started to get our heads around Frank, and what Frank might be, and now we’re talking to Seth. I’m not complaining, I cannot imagine anything more exciting, but I’m a little doubtful…of the origins. So, is there anything you can tell us that will help me not be so dumbfounded?


Kris: What can you tell us, please?

           A (pause) MECHANISM FOR THE

Kris: Mechanism for the…?

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