We are your psychic trainers

This was a bitter-sweet session for me, but an exciting and exhilarating one for both Paddy and myself (Kris). Neither of us realised that our previous session (which I haven’t included in this Blog it as it wasn’t particularly moving or enlightening) would be our last one with our ‘Seth’. There wasn’t even a hint that things were about to change so dramatically, and so no sense of it being an end leading to a new beginning. Continue reading



OUIJA SESSION 48  17/3/12

In this session, Seth and Pad’s guide (and Dad) explain that sex with soul is beneficial to our spiritual development and that it doesn’t necessarily have to of the Tantric variety! Thank goodness for that! I don’t think I’d have the patience :p

The timing of this post is an example of synchronicity in action. A couple of weekends ago, Paddy and I participated in an Excursion weekend. This is the Monroe Institute (TMI) programme that helps to develop our ability to, amongst other things, have out of body experiences (OOBE’s). It was a great weekend even though I didn’t actually experience a regular OOBE – the reason is explained in this timely session. Continue reading

We are here for your spiritual knowledge, mutual understanding, love and your personal development

There are many timely things about this particular post. Paddy had completed his first day of a weekend Open to Channelling workshop run by Delcia; my daughter has embarked on giving Tarot readings professionally in the past couple of months; and Seth talks about my being ready to have out of body experiences (OOBE’s). Tomorrow, Paddy and I will be attending our first Monroe Institute Excursion weekend. We will be developing our ability to connect and communicate with other forms of consciousness and, hopefully, increasing the likelihood of having regular, controlled OOBE’s. In the last several months I have become familiar with Frank DeMarco‘s work on Intuitive Linked Communication – or Channelling – and through that, I’ve become acquainted with the work of Bob Monroe. Hence the timeliness of this particular Ouija session. Seth also speaks about the film script they have asked me to write about how Jane Roberts and Rob Butts connected with their Seth – even now, this is an on-going project, and one I hope to complete in the near future. Continue reading

We are here ‘to give each other more experience in physical being’

OUIJA SESSION 39   5/1/12

In this session, we tried once again to get some idea of our ‘entity’ names. Jane Roberts’ Seth called her and her husband Robert Butts, by what he termed their entity names – Rubert (Jane) and Joseph (Rob). Much earlier in our Ouija days, we were told by ‘Frank’, that our ‘entity’ names were also Rubert and Joseph. At the time, we tried to make sense of what was happening, but could never come up with a satisfactory explanation. I now believe that there were times when we were in contact with what Abraham calls ‘frivolous’ energies. It was as if they could tap into our thoughts, hopes and dreams and use this information to play with us. Of course, it could just as easily be explained as us unwittingly communicating with our subconscious minds. However, I still believe that a lot of what has come through via the Ouija board has been from outside of ourselves; but those we felt to be truly genuine, probably because of our lack of focus and belief, couldn’t always maintain contact strongly enough. Continue reading

Our Seth as an aspect of Jane Roberts’ Seth

OUIJA SESSION 36 (part 1)   30/12/11

In this first part of the session, we again question (our) Seth on his relationship to the Seth of Jane Roberts. I still struggled on a regular basis with what I felt was proof that we were either the butt of a huge cosmic joke, or that my subconscious was playing a significant role in our experiences. (See Who is Seth page.) Also, our Seth often refers to himself as ‘energy’, as if that was his name.

We’d set our intention and had tried to just ask for Seth, but we didn’t get any movement. We’d written out several questions and wanted to ask a few of these tonight.

Kris: So, do we have any energies with us this evening?

(very long pause)

Kris: (quietly) My doubt gets in the way.


Kris & Pad: Hello.

Kris: Who do we have with us this evening?


Pad: Ok, Seth, we’ve got a few questions for you. Firstly, in light… (the glass moved slightly) Oh, do you have something to say before we start?


Kris: Well, saves asking the question doesn’t it?

(Pad was about to ask Seth a question suggested by me, ‘In light of what Jane’s Seth said – he would never use another channel – who is this version of Seth and explain what you mean by this.’ Or words to that affect.) Continue reading

We are genuine energy forms who want to connect with you.

I considered omitting this one as it’s so short and not all that unusual. However, I feel it’s an interesting session in that it shows how we were still getting our heads around Channelling and the Channelling process.

OUIJA SESSION 27   17/11/11

I had several instances where I ‘got’ the words in my head before they were spelled out. This used to cause me concern as it added to my confusion about where the communication was coming from – a discarnate energy or my subconscious/higher self. I have since come to realise that this is a form of channelling, and so now feel more comfortable with speaking those words that come to me during the Ouija sessions.

Intention set as usual.

Kris: Hello. Who is it we have with us this evening?


Both: Hello, Seth.

Kris: Long time no talk.

Pad: Not for Seth.

Kris: No. Long time for us, no time for you. We were in two minds about whether to do the Ouija tonight. I know I need to get on with the channelling to improve my skills in that, but also I still enjoy the contact I have through the Ouija, and would like to do it now and again. What are your thoughts on that?

            YOU ARE (long pause)  (still at the early stagesYES

Kris: Ok. Words were coming into my head and I felt like I was just trying to guess at what might be spelled out, which I know is what I’m supposed to do in a way. And then I got ‘at the early stages’, or ‘still at the early stages’, and that was when the ‘yes’ came. (to Seth) Do you mean with the Channelling?


Kris: So does that mean it’s ok for me to do the Ouija now and again? Is that what you’re saying?


Kris: Are you saying that I should dispense with the Ouija board?


Kris: I’m thinking I cut down on the use of it?


Kris: I can go with that. What’s the best way for us to proceed with the Channelling. At the moment I just seem to speak when I feel ready, and occasionally Pad can ask a question. Is that the best way to go? Or should we start with a question? What should I be doing?


Kris: There are so many things I want to talk about with Seth, and yet I’m aware that it’s so stilted through the Ouija.

(We discuss asking questions here for the Channelling later, such as what their aim is, and to know if I’m doing the right thing in the film development… Pad suggests I tell him the questions and he’ll ask.

We talk with Seth about my daughter and past lives – he’s not very forthcoming.)

Kris: I get a feeling they don’t want to get side-tracked with past-life stuff. Is that right?


Kris: And silly question, what do you want? (long pause) What would you like?

(long pause) JUST YOUR TRUST

Kris: Ok.


Kris: Thank you.

Pad: Do you know what that means?

Kris: It’s about the trust, isn’t it? That they’re not messing us around, they’re not tricking us, they’re not having fun at our expense. Is that right?


Kris: They’re genuine and we can believe in them, I suppose. We’re working on it. Sometimes it’s a lot easier than others.

(Pad wants to ask who Seth is, and we discuss how that question might be worded – what is it we want to know exactly?)

Kris: You say ‘we’ and ‘our’ and yet you say you’re called Seth. I think you’ve said in the past that you’re a version of Jane Roberts’, Seth, is there anything more you can tell us about that? (pause) About who you are? What you are?


Kris: That’s interesting – ‘genuine energy forms’.

Pad: Do you think that’s the end of that answer?

Kris: Was that the end, or was there more?


Kris: (I guess again.) ‘To the next level’?


Kris: Apart from Channelling, is there anything I can be doing to promote my Channelling skills or ability? Anything specific would be very helpful.


Kris: That’s an interesting one. I was just going to say ‘when meditating or dancing’. Any kind of music?


Kris: Like a meditation?

(pause) YOU DECIDE

Kris: Should I try to do the Channelling for longer? Should I try to keep going?


Kris: Right then – best get on with it, eh?


Energy is getting ready for a channel…

SESSION 19  –  15/10/11

I’ve excluded Session 18 as it was very short and didn’t really reveal anything new or particularly interesting about our journey or development. Also, this is one session that was separated by a channelling session.

(Please be aware that these sessions took place round about this time last year.)

Intention set as usual.

Kris: Is anybody there?


Kris: Who is it we’re speaking with?


Kris: Hello, Seth. It’s been a while, in our terms, since we last spoke. And I did have something I wanted to ask you, and I’m afraid I’ve forgotten.

            DID YOUR DAY GO WELL

Kris: Today?


Kris: Yes, cleaning Tipi’s today, Pad was practicing.


Kris: Do you mean you’re getting ready or me? Seth or Kris? Or both?


Kris: Yes, I’m er…I wouldn’t say I was looking forward to it – that would be a lie.

             HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF Continue reading

Every Death is a Transformation


I still couldn’t get my head around the whole change in direction our communication seemed to have taken. I wanted so much to believe that it really was Jane’s Seth, yet had serious doubts – something I’ve yet to completely let go of.

Prior to starting we talked about how we’d like the session to progress, and my needing definitive proof that we are communicating with Seth. I would like to get to the point where we were hearing more from ‘Seth’ and less from us. Also, that I’d like advice on how to approach Sue Watkins re: the subject matter of the email.

            A D Z U

(I laugh.)

Pad: Hello? Who is this?


Kris/Pad: Hello Seth.

Kris: (laughing) Were you just getting our intention with that ‘Adzu’? (the glass moves slowly towards yes/no) Mmm, sort of. So, you’ve obviously been – well, I’m assuming you’ve been aware of what we’ve been discussing in terms of the direction we’d like this session to go in. Is there anything that you can…that you want to say to get the ball rolling? (pause)


Kris: Erm, do you mean the script will be finished?


Pad: Better get on to it.

Kris: By a year?! The email that I’ve written to Sue Watkins, can you give me any feedback on that?


Kris: Did you mean ‘Segment’?



Kris: ‘Begin with segment…’

            ENERGY FILM

Kris: Can you tell me what else I might put in that segment?

            CALL IT  DEATH IS NOT FINAL Continue reading

It’s Seth, but not as we know him…


This was the most amazing session to-date! I’ve included the entire transcript as it was such a seminal session. Nothing was the same from this night on. It turned everything on its head and caused a lot of soul-searching and self-analysis. The confusion over whether we were somehow inadvertently responsible for the movement of the glass was heightened ten-fold! It had also become more important for me personally to try to figure out what was going on – something that would also be played out in my dreams.

We have since come to a better understanding of who it is we are in communication with. I realise now that it isn’t Jane RobertsSeth. Our Seth maintains that he/it/they are an aspect of that Seth. It could be that whatever we contact used that name in order to gain our trust. We considered that this could be the case and might mean it was something we should be wary of. However, since then we have had so many sessions and other forms of contact with our Seth that were filled with unconditional love and the genuine desire to support, guide and help us, that we are no longer in any doubt as to the pure and loving motives of this energy called Seth.

Kris: Hello, is anybody there?


Pad: Frank, are you there?


Kris: Is anybody there?


Kris: To whom are we speaking?

(pause, then slowly)   SETH

Kris: (laughing) Seth!!? My goodness! Is this the same Seth that used to communicate via Jane Roberts?


Kris: Well then, Seth, you will appreciate how incredulous… (laughs) this is just… We’ve only just started to get our heads around Frank, and what Frank might be, and now we’re talking to Seth. I’m not complaining, I cannot imagine anything more exciting, but I’m a little doubtful…of the origins. So, is there anything you can tell us that will help me not be so dumbfounded?


Kris: What can you tell us, please?

           A (pause) MECHANISM FOR THE

Kris: Mechanism for the…?

           SUBCONSCIOUS Continue reading

Cellular development and death is not final


This was our first session in a week and I was really looking forward to holding it. I’d spoken to the Metaphysical group I attend every month about our experiences and they were very supportive and interested in doing some experiments together.

As the weather has turned and our front room is often cold, we decided to hold the session in our middle room by the kitchen. I was unsure what affect, if any, this would have on receptivity.  As usual we set our intentions before commencing the session.

Kris: Have we any ideas what we want to explore tonight, or are we just going to wait and see?

Pad: Depends who comes through. I might have a few questions if people we’ve had before come through.

Kris: Ok. Hello. (pause) I get the feeling that that’s it, we’ve done it all, it’s never going to happen again, we’ve had all we’re going to get from this…

Pad: I don’t think that happens.

Kris: Don’t you? (long pause) Do we have anyone with us? (pause) It might not like this room.

Pad: (amused) I don’t think they’re in the room.

Kris: (laughing) They still might not like this energy.

Pad: Yeh, they like the other one, it’s cold.


Kris: It’s been a while hasn’t it?

(slow movement(slow movement, then long pauseYES

            (slow movement(pause)   HOW ARE YOU

Continue reading