Ortundra is the name I was given when I first learned to channel formally at the School of the Living Light that at the time was based in Ely, near Cambridge.  This name came to me during the meditation that connected us to our guides.

I was also ‘told’ that Ortundra is a ‘teaching guide’; that is, that he is working with me for my purpose of teaching Channelling.  I experience him as a male energy – it is difficult to explain why.  He carries the authority and kindness of a later middle-aged man, a kind of uncle figure.  I experience him as clear, solid in terms of boundaries, wise, full of integrity, and most of all full of love.  I can call upon him when I am working in therapeutic settings other than direct channelling work, e.g. counselling & psychotherapy, supervision and mentoring, and when I’m teaching/facilitating seminars or workshops.  Clients would not know that I was using this facility as I would simply say something like, ‘please give me a moment while I consider that…’   Then I would ask for inspiration from Ortundra.  He is also available to me for my own personal needs and spiritual development.


Ortundra may be my ‘future self’: that is, an aspect of myself or a ‘supra-personality’ (as opposed to a sub-personality), into which I am growing.  There is definitely evidence of this, as the more I channel, the more I behave with the qualities of my guide in my daily life: I am kinder to myself and to others, I have more trust and feel more secure, I feel more confident to speak my truth and follow my own intuitive path.

Ortundra also seems to be a definite separate intelligence who has access to other separate intelligences, and has been accessed by other people who know of him.  He is also working with Kris’s guide Seth, and this is how Kris and I have come to do this work together.

Whoever or whatever Ortundra is, he is the most valuable gift I have been given.  He leads me forward and keeps me grounded.  He is both me and not me, and I am now able to live happily with this contradiction.  I feel confident that as time goes by we will all come to greater understanding of the channelling phenomenon.

I welcome you on this journey of exploring Channelling and our travels through consciousness.


Delcia McNeil


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