We are your psychic trainers

This was a bitter-sweet session for me, but an exciting and exhilarating one for both Paddy and myself (Kris). Neither of us realised that our previous session (which I haven’t included in this Blog it as it wasn’t particularly moving or enlightening) would be our last one with our ‘Seth’. There wasn’t even a hint that things were about to change so dramatically, and so no sense of it being an end leading to a new beginning. Continue reading



OUIJA SESSION 48  17/3/12

In this session, Seth and Pad’s guide (and Dad) explain that sex with soul is beneficial to our spiritual development and that it doesn’t necessarily have to of the Tantric variety! Thank goodness for that! I don’t think I’d have the patience :p

The timing of this post is an example of synchronicity in action. A couple of weekends ago, Paddy and I participated in an Excursion weekend. This is the Monroe Institute (TMI) programme that helps to develop our ability to, amongst other things, have out of body experiences (OOBE’s). It was a great weekend even though I didn’t actually experience a regular OOBE – the reason is explained in this timely session. Continue reading

We are here ‘to give each other more experience in physical being’

OUIJA SESSION 39   5/1/12

In this session, we tried once again to get some idea of our ‘entity’ names. Jane Roberts’ Seth called her and her husband Robert Butts, by what he termed their entity names – Rubert (Jane) and Joseph (Rob). Much earlier in our Ouija days, we were told by ‘Frank’, that our ‘entity’ names were also Rubert and Joseph. At the time, we tried to make sense of what was happening, but could never come up with a satisfactory explanation. I now believe that there were times when we were in contact with what Abraham calls ‘frivolous’ energies. It was as if they could tap into our thoughts, hopes and dreams and use this information to play with us. Of course, it could just as easily be explained as us unwittingly communicating with our subconscious minds. However, I still believe that a lot of what has come through via the Ouija board has been from outside of ourselves; but those we felt to be truly genuine, probably because of our lack of focus and belief, couldn’t always maintain contact strongly enough. Continue reading

It’s Seth, but not as we know him…


This was the most amazing session to-date! I’ve included the entire transcript as it was such a seminal session. Nothing was the same from this night on. It turned everything on its head and caused a lot of soul-searching and self-analysis. The confusion over whether we were somehow inadvertently responsible for the movement of the glass was heightened ten-fold! It had also become more important for me personally to try to figure out what was going on – something that would also be played out in my dreams.

We have since come to a better understanding of who it is we are in communication with. I realise now that it isn’t Jane RobertsSeth. Our Seth maintains that he/it/they are an aspect of that Seth. It could be that whatever we contact used that name in order to gain our trust. We considered that this could be the case and might mean it was something we should be wary of. However, since then we have had so many sessions and other forms of contact with our Seth that were filled with unconditional love and the genuine desire to support, guide and help us, that we are no longer in any doubt as to the pure and loving motives of this energy called Seth.

Kris: Hello, is anybody there?


Pad: Frank, are you there?


Kris: Is anybody there?


Kris: To whom are we speaking?

(pause, then slowly)   SETH

Kris: (laughing) Seth!!? My goodness! Is this the same Seth that used to communicate via Jane Roberts?


Kris: Well then, Seth, you will appreciate how incredulous… (laughs) this is just… We’ve only just started to get our heads around Frank, and what Frank might be, and now we’re talking to Seth. I’m not complaining, I cannot imagine anything more exciting, but I’m a little doubtful…of the origins. So, is there anything you can tell us that will help me not be so dumbfounded?


Kris: What can you tell us, please?

           A (pause) MECHANISM FOR THE

Kris: Mechanism for the…?

           SUBCONSCIOUS Continue reading

Illness, belief, and healing

FOURTH SESSION (Held later on 28/8/11)

Early warning for those of you of a sensitive disposition – there is swearing in this post. When you get to it you will understand why I’ve left it in – it isn’t gratuitous or done to offend or shock, it’s an honest, heart-felt reaction.

Just Paddy and Kris present.

Pad: Hello, is there anybody there?

(long pause)


Kris/Pad: Hello


Kris: Either D or E

             R E R A R I B N E P E S  A(or HELLO?)

Kris: Can we ask a question? What is the name that we should call you?


Kris: Are you related to me in any way, Frank?


Kris: Who are you? What was your relationship to me?


Kris: Can I ask another question, Uncle Frank? Something that I once asked you a long, long time ago and you wouldn’t tell me. You were part of a gang, and I think they had a name. Can you tell me the name of the gang?


             A K A

Kris: Also known as, maybe?

             THE JESTERS  

Kris: Very intriguing name for a very…violent gang if I’m right in thinking that, given why you didn’t want to talk about your time with them. Are you with anybody else, Uncle Frank? That I was related to? Maybe by their name rather that their relationship to me might be easier?


Kris: Ohh, you’re in trouble. (laughing) You’re in trouble Uncle Frank.

Pad: Why?

Kris: Because she (my mum, Frank’s sister) hated being called Nellie. Anybody else?

Continue reading