Believe in higher good


This was one of our most difficult and challenging sessions to date – in a personal, relational way. At this stage, Pad was more open to exploring the possibilities of what it was that we were communicating with than I was. I liked that my family were coming through and that my ‘uncle Frank’ was my guide, and I felt defensive when what I considered was Pad’s scepticism, threatened to take that away from me. I was reluctant to really consider that it might all be coming from my subconscious – like a major ego trip – but accepted that that was a possibility.

There was also a lot of confusion between Pad and myself when interpreting what the responses to our questions meant. We’ve since learned to take more time and to consider the responses from a wider perspective.

The usual intention was set prior to starting the session.         

Kris: Hello?

(Over a minute elapsed before the glass started to move, very slowly.)


Pad: Hello, who is that we’re talking to? (to me, amused) I didn’t have to say that did I? I could’ve just thought it. We’ll get confused if we’re thinking things (not clear)

Kris: We’ve got to say it. (laughing) We haven’t got to the point where we can read each other’s minds. With whom are we communicating?


Kris: Hello, Frank. Can we assume, unless we get some weird responses that it’s always going to be you that we make contact with initially?


Pad: Well, why is that? Why would that be?

          BECAUSE I AM (slower) GUIDE

Kris: Are you the guide for both of us?


Kris: Are you just my guide?


Kris: Have we met Paddy’s guide?


Kris: D’you want to ask some questions about that, hun?

Pad: Well, unless he knows who my guide is? Do you know who my guide is, Frank?


Kris: How would we find out who Paddy’s guide is?

Pad: Do you know the answer to that question, Frank?


Kris: Do you know if Paddy has a guide? Does he have a guide?


Kris: If we continue with the Ouija board (as such) will we…are we likely to meet Paddy’s guide?


Kris: Maybe your guide isn’t to communicate with you in this way, hun. Do guides have different purposes?


Kris: Do some communicate through intuition alone?


Kris: And through dreams?


Kris: And you act as Paddy’s guide to help him with his aura perception, is that right?


Pad: Did we ask if he knows how we’ll find my guide?

Kris: No, I don’t think so. I just asked if it would be through the Ouija board.

Pad: Do you know, Frank, how I will find my guide?

          NOT (pause, slowly) MADE LIST

Kris: Well, what does that mean, Frank?


Pad: Why can’t I be guided, Frank?

          TOO CLOSED

Kris: Can that change, Frank?


Pad: I haven’t got a guide. Thought everyone had a guide.

Kris: He doesn’t know, he wasn’t sure. Maybe he was meaning you haven’t got anyone you can connect with at the moment.

Pad: I’ve not made the list.


Kris: Ooh dear. Trying to ruin my night, Frank?


Kris: If he wasn’t closed before, he will be now. What can Paddy do to not be closed?

          OPEN HIS HEART

Kris: Open his heart to…?

          BELIEVING US

(Pad starts to drum his fingers loudly on the table.)

Kris: (laughing) What’s all this?

Pad: I thought I did.

Kris: Did you?

Pad: Well, I thought, I’m talking to something aren’t I?

Kris: Take your finger off.

(An in-depth discussion ensued about belief, particularly Paddy’s beliefs around what’s taking place with the Ouija board, and whether or not what’s coming through is from a separate entity external to us, or something from within my unconscious.

Having now typed out the communication from Frank, it’s clear that we’ve misunderstood what we were told. We seemed to miss the fact that Frank had said Pad does have a guide, but that he’s not able to be guided, and took it that what had been said was that Pad doesn’t have a guide. This error then fuelled the whole heated debate that followed, and lasted for around 10 minutes.)

Kris: I thought everybody had a guide, Frank, is that not true? Does everybody have a guide?


Pad: It depends what you mean by guide?

Kris: Well, whatever Frank means by guide.

Pad: Yeh, but the guide that Frank could mean is somebody that comes through to talk.

Kris: Yeh, that’s what I was thinking he meant when he said you don’t have a guide – that you haven’t got one that will do this. Frank’s your guide in a way because he said he’ll come into your dreams to help you with your aura perception.

Pad: Ok. Did you come into my dreams last night, Frank?


Pad: I don’t remember the dream. Do I need to remember it?


(Long pause)

Pad: Do you want to move onto a different subject?

Kris: No, not really, unless… Are you satisfied? Is there more you want to know?

Pad: What, why I haven’t got a guide?

Kris: Or what that means, or… (pause) I don’t want you to get stuck on ‘I haven’t got a guide’ and the epitaph on your grave be, ‘I didn’t have a guide’…

Pad: Or, ‘I did it my way’.

Kris: Does Pad have a guide in a different way to you being my guide?


Pad: I bet he’s just saying that to keep me happy now. (laughs)

Kris: (to Frank) Shall I hit him, or will you?

Pad: Ok then, Frank, d’you want to tell me a little bit about this other guide I’ve got?

Kris: What kind of a guide?


Kris: So, does that mean that in some way you are Pad’s guide?

Pad: I’ve got a guide called Frank?


Pad: But it isn’t you, Frank?


Kris: (laughs) Is everyone called Frank where you are? This is just very confusing. Is he related to Paddy?


Kris: But he can’t communicate with him the way you’re communicating with me?


Pad: And that’s because I’m not open hearted.

Kris: To this.


Pad: Ok, so when I’m open-hearted and believing in you, my guide will be able to talk to me through this method?


Kris: Is Pad’s dad not in some way his guide?


Pad: Frank is, isn’t he?

Kris: Are you really my uncle Frank?

        (Between Yes and No)

Kris: Hesitant, ‘sort of’. Are you an element, an essence of my uncle Frank?

       (Between Yes and No)

(omitted material)

Pad: Apart from this advice to believe in you, Frank, is there anything else I can do to become open-hearted, or more open to communicating with my guide?


Pad: And what would that be?


Pad: I don’t know what that means, Frank. Can you be a bit more clear, more specific?


(Long pause.)

Pad: God? Is that God?

Kris: What some people think of as God?


Kris: I think we’ve just finished our explorations of the world of the Ouija board. (pause. To Pad) Your face then. What was going through your mind, then?

Pad: Do you believe in God?

Kris: Not the God in the bible, I do believe in a higher good, a source energy, the universe, and that it’s benevolent and loving.

Pad: And are you saying I don’t?

Kris: I don’t know.

(There  followed a long and convoluted discussion that revolved around Pad’s beliefs and mine. We are part of a group that discourages spiritual projection, and we hadn’t really discussed the ways in which our beliefs had changed as a result of being in this group. I wasn’t sure if doing the Ouija and asking Frank questions was in some way spiritual projection. I was concerned that if that was the case, I’d have to give either the group or our sessions with Frank up. I suppose that’s why I’d never really asked Pad where his beliefs now lay. I assumed that he no longer believed in a higher good and was therefore more convinced than ever that this was a projection from my subconscious.

Pad: Ok, let’s ask Frank, then.

Kris: What are we asking him?

Pad: What Frank thinks about what we’re talking about.

Kris: Oh my goodness, that is a huge thing.

Pad: Let’s see what he says.

Kris: Bloody hell, anybody in the room who was able to verbally communicate would probably struggle with summarising that.

Pad: Frank’s good, he’s pretty good with these kinds of things. Frank, what’s your verdict on what (laughs) we’ve just been talking about?

Kris: (laughing) Oh, God, you be judge and jury, please.

Pad: No, we don’t want you to be judge and jury we just want your opinion.

            MADE KRIS (long pause) ANGRY

Kris: Who made me angry? Or what made me angry?

(Long pause) MADE HER UPSET

Kris: What made me upset, Frank?


Pad: Did you know you were angry?

Kris: No. I was frustrated and a little upset, yes. Maybe I’m just not very good at getting in touch with when I’m angry, and I just hide it all the time? Give it other names. But I wasn’t aware I was angry. (pause) No, maybe I was, maybe I was angry.

Pad: Why were you angry?

Kris: Because I couldn’t communicate what I was thinking, and feeling, to you. That we were misunderstanding each other: and it became very convoluted again, trying to untangle the where and the why and the how we ended up there, that’s the frustration. Maybe the ‘made Kris angry’ is not a judgement, maybe it’s an observation about I need to get angry or know when I’m angry. Was that the purpose of that comment, Frank, to get me to become more aware of my emotions?

          YES   PADDY (pause)

Kris: What about him? (pause) Are you talking to Paddy now?


Kris: What is it you want to say?


(long pause)

Kris: I need to know what you think.

Pad: What do you think it means?

Kris: Maybe if you didn’t… I don’t know how to put it. If you didn’t…emote in the way that you do when we get stuck in a cycle like that, then I wouldn’t have to face strong emotions in me.

Pad: So is that a good thing or not?

Kris: I think it’s a good thing.

Pad: Ok, shall we ask? Is that a positive thing?


Kris: Is that part of our ‘deal’, Frank?


Pad: There you go.


Kris: A powerful lesson, Frank.


Kris: Will we be able to withstand these lessons?


Kris: What’s the best way back to feeling good, do you reckon, Frank?

          BE HAPPY

Pad: So are you not feeling good, now?

Kris: My head’s banging, and I still feel a little wound up – only because I feel like maybe you’re cross with me…

Pad: No, I was just exploring things because of what it said. I’m not upset.


Kris: Mmm, that’s a bit deep – for me. Do you get it?

Pad: No.

Kris: Can you put it another way, Frank, please?


Kris: When we argue, is it because one or other of us, on some level, is not feeling loved? Is that what you mean?

(Pause. Between Yes and No.)

Kris: In the middle – ‘sort of’. (long pause) Do I sometimes not feel loved?


Kris: Does Paddy sometimes not feel loved?

(Between Yes and No)

Pad: Maybe. Maybe he doesn’t know. (pause) D’you want to finish it? …said enough?

Kris: I’d rather not leave it on that kind of (interrupted by the glass moving)

          KRIS IS LOVED

Kris: Thank you.

Pad: You happy to leave it now, or do you want to ask more questions?

Kris: Ok, Frank, undoubtedly you’re aware – whether you’re an entity or my unconscious or Pad’s unconscious – you’re aware of what we’ve been discussing and the question over what you are? Do you have a description of what you are that could help us? Or help me?


          ABOUT ENERGY

Kris: Are you saying you’re a kind of energy?


Kris: Are you within us? (long pause) Are you part of us?


Kris: Are you separate to us? (long pause) Are you my unconscious?


Kris: No, but then I would say that, wouldn’t I? Are you Paddy’s unconscious?


Pad: You could be my unconscious?

Kris: Could you be Paddy’s unconscious?


Kris: Have you ever lived on this earth as a human being?


Kris: And you died?

          YES   (pauseONLY ENERGY HERE

Kris: You’re only an energy form where you are?


Kris: Because you have been human?

(Hesitant)  YES

Kris: And now you’re an energy form?


Kris: Are there different kinds of energy forms?


Kris: (to Paddy)Do you want to carry on?

Pad: I don’t know where you’re going with it, really.

Kris: Just…following a…track. Is there anything you want to ask?

Pad: No.

Kris: I think we’re going to leave it there, Frank. Have you got anything, any parting comment or words of advice?


Pad: Thank you, Frank.

Kris: Thanks, Frank, I love you. Goodnight.

Pad: Goodnight, Frank.


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