It’s Seth, but not as we know him…


This was the most amazing session to-date! I’ve included the entire transcript as it was such a seminal session. Nothing was the same from this night on. It turned everything on its head and caused a lot of soul-searching and self-analysis. The confusion over whether we were somehow inadvertently responsible for the movement of the glass was heightened ten-fold! It had also become more important for me personally to try to figure out what was going on – something that would also be played out in my dreams.

We have since come to a better understanding of who it is we are in communication with. I realise now that it isn’t Jane RobertsSeth. Our Seth maintains that he/it/they are an aspect of that Seth. It could be that whatever we contact used that name in order to gain our trust. We considered that this could be the case and might mean it was something we should be wary of. However, since then we have had so many sessions and other forms of contact with our Seth that were filled with unconditional love and the genuine desire to support, guide and help us, that we are no longer in any doubt as to the pure and loving motives of this energy called Seth.

Kris: Hello, is anybody there?


Pad: Frank, are you there?


Kris: Is anybody there?


Kris: To whom are we speaking?

(pause, then slowly)   SETH

Kris: (laughing) Seth!!? My goodness! Is this the same Seth that used to communicate via Jane Roberts?


Kris: Well then, Seth, you will appreciate how incredulous… (laughs) this is just… We’ve only just started to get our heads around Frank, and what Frank might be, and now we’re talking to Seth. I’m not complaining, I cannot imagine anything more exciting, but I’m a little doubtful…of the origins. So, is there anything you can tell us that will help me not be so dumbfounded?


Kris: What can you tell us, please?

           A (pause) MECHANISM FOR THE

Kris: Mechanism for the…?

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Real change comes through not changing…

This piece has been taken from an Ortundra channelling done in a Channelling Development group in June 2008.

It is a timeless truth and consequently very relevant for us all today. What underpins all human need is the need for love and acceptance, an acceptance of the reality of the now, of this moment. As soon as you try to alter your reality or change an experience, a feeling or a thought, you potentially set up a conflict inside of yourself. Change is a strange thing, for real change comes through not changing. Real change comes through accepting that change is not possible in this moment. It is the connecting with the not change, in the moment, that something magical happens, which lifts the condition or the thought into a different stream of vibration. This only happens when the thinking, or the condition, is met fully in and of itself without judgement and without the desire for change.

Ortundra channellings.

Ask to heal…

SESSION TEN – 16/9/11

I haven’t included the 9th session as it wasn’t a particularly interesting one. Frank told me that I had a sore back for a higher purpose, which neither of us understood. When we asked for clarification, we were told that if I got energy I would help to make people feel well by delivering energy and that this would involve hands-on healing.

In this session we again, tried to get more information about my back and I also asked about my joints. At the time, I didn’t know Delcia very well having only met her a handful of times. I knew she was a psychotherapist and channel, but that was all. Frank also mentioned the film script again.

During this session I began to ‘know’ the answers before they were spelled out. This caused me to wonder if it was because I was somehow responsible for the glass moving, or if words were coming into my mind before it moved – a form of channelling?

Kris: Is it possible to speak to Frank?

(pause) YES

Pad: Hello, is that Frank?


Kris: I need some guidance from my guide. What can I do to improve connection…


Kris: Is there anything else I could be doing to prepare me for channelling?

            YOU ARE (slowly) DOING (pause)   YES

Kris: Can you spell it out?


Kris: That’s what came into my head, when it went to ‘Yes’. I thought ‘enough’ and it went to ‘yes’. And that’s why I said, ‘can you spell it out?’

Pad: Oh, very good.


Kris: You said a few sessions ago that if I do channel that it will be you coming through, is that still the case?


Kris: While I’m doing it will I know what I’m saying?

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