Should I go or should I stay?

Ortundra speaks about being in difficult relationships.  This is an example of verbal channelling where it appears partly Ortundra speaking directly through Delcia and partly she is interpreting what Ortundra is giving her.  These are two distinct but perfectly adequate ways of channelling.

Should I go or should I stay blog“Loyalty is a wonderful quality but it also can keep you hooked in situations that you have grown out of, are not good for you, or do not support your growth.  It’s possible that if you can change how you are within the relationship the other person may no longer need you.  That has to be tried out.

There is no point in any of us staying in destructive relationships.  No point whatsoever.  If the relationship can be healed, we can work through behaviours that have become destructive.  To do that there needs to be a clear commitment and an understanding with good will on both sides.  Sometimes the issue is to learn when to let go.  Often we stay in situations longer than perhaps we need to because we need to wait for the right time to move.

And these sorts of situations take as long as they take.  It’s important not to judge yourself for feeling stuck or caught up in something.  Rather it’s important to have compassion for yourself, while you’re in it, and, when there is resolution, to appreciate yourself for having found your way through.  Sometimes these kinds of difficult connections with people go back to other lifetimes.  It takes as much courage to walk away as it can to stay sometimes, if not more.  One of the yardsticks is to ask yourself, “how much energy am I putting in and how much energy am I getting back”.  If that is way out of balance then it’s really important to think and to ask yourself why you are doing it.  Please know that from where we are there is much love for you.”


Pay attention to your heart…

I’ve missed session 25 out as it didn’t move our explorations or development forward enough for it to be of general interest. I’ve included this one to show how Seth worked with other people in providing them with support and guidance.

OUIJA SESSION 26   6/11/11

J & M were with us for this session. Intention set as usual.

Kris: Is anybody with us? (long pause, then a very slight movement from the glass – like a twitch.) I think it’s trying. (long pause) Can you manage with all these fingers on the glass? (laughslong pause) Come on, you can do it.


Kris: Who is it we’re talking to?

(very slowly) SETH

Kris: Hello, Seth. As you’ve gathered, we’ve got J and M with us tonight, and this is the first time we’ve ever worked with four people. How is it for you?


Kris: That’s good to hear. Very nice for us, too, Seth. You’ve probably been listening to what was being said before… J was asking about energy and… What was it you were saying, J?

J: About the Abraham connection, do you mean?

Kris: Yes.

J: I feel that I have a very strong emotional connection with Abraham, and I’m wondering if contacting other energies will be a good idea, will make everything even stronger, or if it’s better to be satisfied and use the Abraham connection to its fullest extent. I’m sorry that’s a very complicated question.

Kris: It’s ok, his answer will come whatever. You want to hear some of our questions.

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Channelling for Life; an A-Z of human issues

Delcia’s new book is now available on Amazon as a Kindle book. If you’ve enjoyed reading Ortundra’s words here on our site, you can now own your a resource you can use whenever you need guidance on certain topics.

Channelling for Life – an A-Z of Human Issues, is like no other book about Channelling. It is an easy to use, inspirational approach to human issues. It’s really unusual because the descriptions are channelled, together with a dictionary definition of each one at the beginning of each topic

Delcia carries you through her own take on channelling as a phenomenon, encouraging you to be open but sceptical. After all no one really knows what ‘spirit guides’ are and how much they are us and how much they are not us.

Through focussing our minds and opening our hearts we can reach a level of knowledge and understanding that isn’t ordinarily available to us. And the 54 topics covered in this book are just that. From Abuse to Xenophobia, from Anxiety to Relationships, it’s all here for you to dip into and find the relevant bits for you.

DIY in a Magnetic Field

Ortundra gives us some insight into what a problem actually is.

“Many of you feel as if you do not have an anchor, as if you are a body going around the earth in orbit, all alone, with no connection whatsoever.  You have not grasped that you exist in a magnetic field – you do to some extent in your head, but not in your heart, and therefore not in your full being.

All things exist within this field and the magnetism itself keeps you in a constant state of attraction and attachment.  You cannot really be separate because everything is within this field.  You need to feel this in a physical way.  When you do this you feel secure and there is no question about solutions to problems.  Problems are aspects of reality which have yet to come to light in a way that mean you can see the path ahead clearly.  When you are unable to see the path ahead it is because you are learning the lessons of being in the very situation you have created.

When you feel yourself to be in this magnetic field – which of course you are in whether you realise it or not – you have a different reality.  Solutions to situations come easily to the mind.  You come to realise that there is not a problem to be solved, but rather a different or new perspective to be discovered.”

DIY advice from the afterlife….

Session 24   30th October 2011

(This session was conducted with a friend, K. There was quite a lot of personal information and references, which I have omitted.)

K: Can we see if there’s anybody there from my family? Just in case.

Kris: Is there anybody from K’s family there, and if so, what’s your name?


Kris: Do you know anyone called Steven?

K: Only my older brother who is in this life.

Kris: Are you anything to do with K?


Kris: So who are you here to speak to?


Kris: Ok, I’ve got a feeling I know who you are. Are you Steven my brother-in-law? (Ste had passed several years ago from alcohol related illnesses.)


Kris: Ste, do you have a message then, something you’d like to tell me?

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