Singing and Ouija mind-reading…

For this early session we were joined by my life-long friend, Janet. As well as thoughts on why she needs to sing more (something we agree with 100%), we also tried a bit of Ouija mind-reading! We had several partial hits and a few misses, which I think was quite a good outcome so early on in our Ouija experience. Things have moved on quite a ways with Seth and how we use the Ouija since we held this session, I hope you can keep following/reading the sessions until we get up to date. We’re loving it and the people Seth is helping are also loving it.

SESSION 13   25/9/11

We set our intention as usual, and establish that we’re talking to Seth.


Kris: I think it’s ‘people’, for certain people. Is that right?


Paddy: Can you tell us that, Jan?

Jan: Because I’m only comfortable with certain people.

Kris: Have you got any suggestions what she might do instead?


Kris: So she should sing more then?


Kris: Should she just sing for herself? Would that be enough?


Kris: Does Janet need to perform in order to get this energy?


Kris: What happens when Janet performs that makes this energy different?


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Introduction to Channelling workshop

Delcia and I recently held our Expanding Consciousness workshop – an introduction to Channelling. It was a great success and a lot of fun! I’m in the process of putting the transcript together from the Ouija sessions we did with the participants and just waiting to hear back with their respective permission to use part or all of the transcript on our site. Delcia will be doing the same for her Channellings from Ortundra.

It was an amazing experience for all concerned, with Seth gently and humourously bringing people from doubt and fear to joy and acceptance – a wonderful example of their ability to know exactly what each individual needs in order to get the most out of ‘the Seth treatment’. Ortundra, too, won over the hearts of our attendees and proved once again to be a powerful source of invaluable guidance and insight.

The whole weekend was a clear demonstration of what an affective and impressive resource Channelling – be it verbally or through the Ouija –  can be, and that with the Ouija particularly, there is no need for fear or misgivings when approached with an open heart, clear intention and integrity.

The afterlife and mediumship

Held within a dream

This piece was channelled from Ortundra a while ago and I think it follows Kris’s last piece about death. 

It is important to know that belief in life after death takes many guises and many forms: one of which is the attempt and seeming success of connecting with the actual personality character of the deceased.

This is, in my view, a straightforward process in that the energy body of that character, that personality level, remains in a form in the universal consciousness rather as we have libraries and reference books.

There is always a record of the character or personality. If you could imagine the universe or consciousness as an incredible computer, you would find that the energetic imprint of that character or personality is saved in the memory bank.

It is possible with a very highly evolved medium, that when there is a request from a person who is alive in a body to meet with an ancestor or someone recently deceased, that the spirit of that person can be called.

If the soul or spirit is willing, it can pick up through the network the energy form of its previous character and personality. This is a very common practice and takes form according to the culture in which the mediumship is happening.

We are thinking here of the work of shamans, witchdoctors, psychic surgeons, trance healers and other kinds of clairvoyance.

It is possible for some spirits and souls to remain enclosed within the personality or character energy form.  People can choose to do this and stay very close to their loved ones on earth for some time.

However, the majority move on sooner or later. That character formation structure is also fed by the memories of those who are alive and is held in this universal computer.

This is to simplify a very complex but very natural process. I cannot overestimate for you the complexity of universal intelligence.

We are all part of that – whether we are in human bodies or not. This is the best explanation that I can give at this time in my own evolution and with this particular channel.