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in North London & Cumbria


Delcia  McNeil

Energy Healer & Psychotherapist

2013 schedule

In North London

Sunday 10 February, 10am-4.30pm

O2C Open to Channelling – Intuitive Connected Communication – one day workshop for therapists & healers new to channelling and for further channelling development.  Flat 2, 56 Queens Avenue, Muswell Hill, London N10 3NU  

“Delcia McNeil’s Channelling course was powerful and gentle all at the same time in a very safe place to unleash your vulnerability, nurtured at all times in a loving and safe, non-judgemental environment.  I LOVED AND ENJOYED THE DAY.  Delcia sets about de-mystifying channelling with her no nonsense style of teaching and common sense.  Hurray ,many thanks.”   Karen G.

Fee:    £85   (non-refundable deposit of £40)

Please make out your deposit cheque to Delcia McNeil and send to her at:

5 Woodlands Close, Storth, Milnthorpe, Cumbria LA7 7JH or contact for bank transfer details

t. 015395 62420    m. 07515 807366


Note: this one day workshop will be repeated on Sunday 8 September 2013

In Cumbria

Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 February, 10am-5pm daily

O2C Open to Channelling – Intuitive Connected Communication – weekend course at Todd  Close, Curthwaite, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 8BE – for therapists & healers and those on a spiritual path 

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course – the inspirational energy and the work we did was far beyond my expectations.  Thank you very much.”  CW, Kendal, Cumbria


Fee:    £150   (non-refundable deposit of £50 required to secure a place)

Please make out your deposit cheque to Delcia McNeil and send to her at:

5 Woodlands Close, Storth, Milnthorpe, Cumbria LA7 7JH or contact for bank transfer details

t. 015395 62420    m. 07515 807366


Note:  There are just two spaces left on this course.  

It will be repeated at the same venue on 1 & 2 June 2013

For more details on the content of these events, or to have any questions answered or concerns explored contact Delcia personally:    015395 62420      07515 807366


Are you ready for the Seth treatment?

This was our first use of the Ouija in a workshop setting. Even though we’ve used it with friends quite a lot, I was a bit nervous as I had no idea if it would work and whether the material would be any good. I was also worried the participants might not trust what was happening. There were two people at each sitting – 2 on Day One and 2 on Day Two. On Day one, we decided to work with them separately with only one of them touching the glass with myself and Paddy – something that may have had an effect on the outcome. On Day Two, we again had two people, only this time we worked with them both at the same time. The results were quite different, with Seth’s sense of humour coming through very strongly on Day Two.

There are so many factors that go into the clarity of material in a session, least of all the beliefs of the participants. If they are sceptical or afraid this can block what comes through and how well it is received. At this stage in our experience of using the Ouija, we’ve come to realise that our subconscious is what’s mostly responsible for moving the glass (an ideo-motor response as experienced during hypnosis, for instance); however, the messages are being passed through the subconscious from elsewhere –either Seth or a family member.

By the end of the second day, all four participants had a very positive opinion of using the Ouija as a means to connecting with loving energies and receiving valuable information and guidance from them, as the following quotes can testify to.

‘I was apprehensive about the Ouija board, due to associations with séances, bad spirits etc., so it was good to have this de-bunked over the weekend. .. it was a great experience. .. I started to watch everything about channelling I could on YouTube but then was spooked about something posted about the Ouija and letting evil into your house, that once again I was frightened about it. That was only for a short while and I came to see it as a means for channelling, no different from other forms and can be used in positive ways as long as good intentions are made clear. As always, channelling from Ortundra was something that leaves me with such feelings of hope and love.’

‘Practical, safe explanations of how to use the Ouija board and how to get loving messages. ‘

‘Opened my eyes and changed my opinion of the Ouija board.’

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Introduction to Channelling workshop

Delcia and I recently held our Expanding Consciousness workshop – an introduction to Channelling. It was a great success and a lot of fun! I’m in the process of putting the transcript together from the Ouija sessions we did with the participants and just waiting to hear back with their respective permission to use part or all of the transcript on our site. Delcia will be doing the same for her Channellings from Ortundra.

It was an amazing experience for all concerned, with Seth gently and humourously bringing people from doubt and fear to joy and acceptance – a wonderful example of their ability to know exactly what each individual needs in order to get the most out of ‘the Seth treatment’. Ortundra, too, won over the hearts of our attendees and proved once again to be a powerful source of invaluable guidance and insight.

The whole weekend was a clear demonstration of what an affective and impressive resource Channelling – be it verbally or through the Ouija –  can be, and that with the Ouija particularly, there is no need for fear or misgivings when approached with an open heart, clear intention and integrity.