Communication Board

This is the most controversial aspect of our blog, as the term Ouija Board carries so many negative connotations. Just the mention of it can, and often does, induce reactions of fear and mistrust from most people. What follows is an introduction to Kris’s experiences with the Ouija board, which did not involve Delcia.

Original ouija board

Original ouija board (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Knowing that Esther & Jerry Hicks, and Jane Roberts and her husband, Robert Butts, used the Ouija board prior to embarking on their respective channelling adventures, gave myself and my partner, Paddy,  the confidence to try it ourselves. Although Abraham does not openly encourage it’s use due to the possibility of ‘frivolous beings’ coming through, Jane Roberts’ intoduction to Seth and channelling was established by regular use of the Ouija board. Jane was initially experimenting with it as part of her research for her book, How to Develop Your ESP Power. At first they connected with an energy (this is my preferred term for what we are and continue to be once we move into non-physical) called Frank Watts, who later made way for Seth to come through.It is our belief that our intentions play a crucial role in determining the direction our thoughts, and therefore our desires, travel.

We have always been very clear about our intentions from the the very start of our Ouija endeavours. At the beginning of every session we set a very clear intention to communicate with the highest possible energy, with love and respect for mutual growth and development. We hold this intention throughout all of our communications via the Ouija board, as we do when channelling. If you approach using the Ouija board (which has a less emotive counterpart called an ‘Angel Board’ – looks exactly the same, does exactly the same, only it has pictures of angels on it), with fear and mistrust, or wanting a bit of a laugh as you contact ghosts, then it’s likely you will end up communicating with ‘frivolous’ energies.

Since we’ve been using the Ouija board for guidance and personal and spiritual development, we have never had any cause for concern, or reason to believe that we were in contact with anything other than a loving, non-judgemental, supportive group of energies who’s only intention is to share unconditional love, to support our higher selves, and to help us to understand the nature of our non-physical being as conscious energy.


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