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Two days ago I (Delcia) ran a Channelling Development day workshop in North Cumbria.  This is an opportunity for those who have already learned to channel to meet together, practise, talk about channelling generally, develop skills, and get some answers to personal questions, and the meaning of life etc. etc. I must say we had a wonderful day with lots of fun as well as being moved to tears at times. 

One of the exercises in the morning was to do a written piece of channelling for oneself.  This can be quite a challenge as the “I’m just making this up to suit myself” issue is often prominent when doing this.  However, the information that people got for themselves ‘blew them away’ (this phrase popped up quite often during the day) and was clearly helpful to them.

Whilst they were writing for themselves I decided to write a channelled piece for the group.  It came out fairly simply but I thought I would share it with you here – it’s very general so there are no confidentiality issues.  It reminds me of something Frank de Marco  said when a group of us had a Skype conversation with him last year (he lives in Virginia, USA). Frank is a wonderful metaphysical writer whose work I draw on to help me understand the channelling phenomenon. He refers to his spirit guides/entities as TGU (The Guys Upstairs) because that’s the best way he’s found to describe them. Anyway, during our conversation he pointed out that his TGU would be ‘talking’ to our TGU in order to help us get the meaning of the questions we were asking.  This idea also came out in this short channelling I did for the group on Saturday.

Here’s what I wrote – it’s very simple:

“Take time to focus and be together, for when you meet and greet one another you meet and greet us too.  Your guides connect with one another as you do, for on this level we too seek out those of similar vibrations and intention.  It is our joy to be in this unseen environment, working with you and between you as we give our view, our perspective on the events of your lives that have so much shaped who you are today.  These events – good and bad – bring their demands – demands to learn and to grow and they bring different light(s) into your life – often in the form of people and opportunities.  Seek nothing other than what potentially brings you joy and happiness, even if at times that seems to elude you.  We will share more later …”  Ortundra



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