The Dark Night of the Soul


It’s been a long time since our last post. Unfortunately, I (Kris) have been very ill, but that wasn’t the main reason for not posting until now. During a recent low point in my health, I also went into spiritual crisis, and my old adversaries ‘doubt’ and ‘resistance’ took up lodgings in my head and my heart, bringing with them a new friend – ‘hopelessness’.

I had never experienced such a dark and lonely void and I wasn’t sure I was ever going to return from it; or if I did, how much of my spiritual self would remain intact. Since beginning our explorations with the Ouija board and Channelling, I have always felt a connection with my guides – even whilst I was doubting my ability to connect, I never doubted their existence, and so always felt they were with me and on my side – even if they couldn’t ever intervene on my behalf and take all my pain and fear away. During this bleak period, I lost all trust, hope and belief in them and life. I turned away from my connection with them and sent myself into a mire of ‘what’s the point of anything?’ There’s more to it than that, but that’s what it amounted to.

During this time of shut off and shut down, I would experience subtle inclinations towards hope and love. When I mentioned these fleeting experiences to my partner, Paddy, I would be filled with unexpected emotion. I’ve come to realise that this is an indication that my guides are with me and so I couldn’t deny that they were holding me and caring for me. As I began to allow these experiences to find their way into my heart, I began to notice synchronicities that encouraged me to keep moving forward towards the light of ‘all is well’.

Desperate to return to the familiar and comforting world of spirituality, I’d challenged my guides to provide me with something so unequivocal that there would be no way I could question its origin, and thus be able use it as a lever to prise myself out of my new way of thinking that we are all just powerless pawns in a big cosmic game. I asked for a feather, to arrive in such a fashion that I couldn’t doubt its meaning – I felt that should be easy for them to arrange. A couple of days later, as I sat on the first floor of a café looking out of the window towards the building opposite, I saw a feather gently floating down towards the ground. I doubted that this was the feather I’d asked for, and confirmed my doubt when I saw a pigeon on a ledge above (but way to the left) of where I’d seen the feather.


A few days later, Paddy brought in a bucket full of wood he’d just chopped in the small coal bunker attached to the house. He always manages to come in with bits of cobweb stuck to his fleece, but this time I noticed something was hanging from the usual bit of web – a feather. There’s a small door space into the bunker, but it’s so cold, dark and damp, I couldn’t imagine how a bird or a feather could find its way in there. I reluctantly accepted this as my ‘sign’, especially as Paddy was so insistent that it couldn’t be anything else and that I would just be being stubborn if I ignored it!

Since then I have been able to allow more and more ‘evidence’ (synchronicities, coincidence, positive thoughts dropping unexpectedly into my head, the feeling of being loved suddenly filling my heart), evidence that I am not alone, that I am safe, I am loved, I am always connected, that all is well.


Slowly I am making my way back into the world of metaphysics and spirituality – all made possible with the love of Paddy, my dear friends and my amazing guides. I suppose it’s not uncommon for people on this path to go through phases of spiritual crisis and depression as we try to make sense of just how incredible the universe is, how little we know or understand about how it all works and where we fit in. Instead of trying to figure it out as a physical being, I’m now going to allow my non-physical self and friends to guide me through, and to, what matters to me: living each day as it comes, gratitude for all that I have, celebrating the connections I have both in physical and non-physical, and trusting that not only is all well, all is always well.


Suicide – break the cycle of despair

So much of this session now makes perfect sense. At the time, we couldn’t understand what was being said. What’s really incredible is that at the time, Pad was writing music for a show. He produced several pieces of music over the following months; and then, in Mar 2013, the show premiered in France. There was one particular track that our friend, Colette, wanted to use in a different way. So, a month or so after the show premiered, she had a local engineer do some work on it. It’s Pad’s music with extra sound effects and it sounds amazing. Also, since this session, we have gone on to read several books by Frank DeMarco and have even Skyped with him. Continue reading

We are your psychic trainers

This was a bitter-sweet session for me, but an exciting and exhilarating one for both Paddy and myself (Kris). Neither of us realised that our previous session (which I haven’t included in this Blog it as it wasn’t particularly moving or enlightening) would be our last one with our ‘Seth’. There wasn’t even a hint that things were about to change so dramatically, and so no sense of it being an end leading to a new beginning. Continue reading

Energy goes everywhere your thoughts go

In this second half of session 36, Paddy got to talk to his dad in a way that he never would have done had his dad still been in physical. It was very moving for us both, but particularly cathartic for Paddy. Working in this way with (our) Seth, is another example of how our sessions help to heal historical rifts with family members, as well as helping us to work on personal issues.

At this point in the session we discussed that once someone has passed, conversation is no longer about everyday things – they are no longer relevant, it’s about love and caring and just being able to communicate. We also learned that the way we think about our passed loved ones affects them – helping or hindering them in their development and learning depending on whether our thoughts are loving or bitter, for example.

OUIJA SESSION 36 (part 2) 30/12/11

Pad: Thank you, Seth. I’d like to speak to my dad, if he’s there.

Kris: Are you there, John?


Pad: Hello, dad. What would you like me to call you?


Pad: Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I suppose the first thing I wanted to say was thanks for all the things that you did for me when you were here (in physical). And I would like to try to make a stronger contact…


Kris: (laughs) John, he’s going to think it’s me doing that. (pause) Well, I feel love from Pad, John.

Pad: So, do you think I’m holding back?


Pad: So do you have any specific advice, anything that…


When You Stop Projecting (your authority) You Become More Powerful

OUIJA SESSION 30   9/12/11

This session was held after we’d told our friends, J and C, about our Ouija and Channelling explorations. They are very clear that it isn’t healthy to project your authority onto anyone – especially religious leaders, gurus, spiritual masters, or even teachers – and so I’d been really nervous aOuija experiences with them in the fear that they would judge us as projecting our spiritual authority onto Seth (something that Paddy was clear we were not doing).  As it turned out, they were very receptive and interested in what we’ve been doing. So much so, that they arranged to have a session with us! It was at this point that Seth began to abbreviate some words by using text language!

We set our intention as usual.

Kris: Who is it we’re talking to?


Kris & Pad: Good evening, Seth.

Kris: Phew, what an evening! What are your thoughts?


Kris: Praise, praise, praise. Is that right?

            WE ARE PROUD OF YOU

Kris / Pad: Thank you.

Kris: I think we’re proud of ourselves, aren’t we? How do you think it went, from your perspective?

            U MUST NOT PROJECT

Pad: Your authority. Continue reading

Try a chuckle!

Ortundra reminds us that we need to lighten up and have fun.  He says that physiologically laughter lifts and changes the vibrational structure within the cells of human bodies and massages the internal organs.  It actually opens the cells up to greater light and this light is then able to penetrate into the cellular structure and therefore the physical body as a whole.

He would like to teach us all how to chuckle and reminds us of the North American Indian culture where the Medicine Men and Medicine Women would often chuckle as they worked and as they reached into their own trance-like state*.  He’s suggesting we begin with a chuckle and that we simply allow this to come from the chest and from deeper down in the abdomen.  He says you think you need to have a joke to laugh at, but you don’t.  Jokes are wonderful and have their place, but all of life is a chuckle.

Try it!

Note:  *I (Delcia) don’t have real evidence that this happened – it may well have done (and if anyone reading this blog can verify please let us know).  I think the important thing here is that we get the message to use the chuckle as a way of lightening up!

Santa And wishing you a very Happy Christmas from Delcia and Kris!


A dearly departed gatecrashes a channelling session


This followed on almost immediately after the Ouija session of the same night. I began speaking 2 ½ mins into the recording, but I’d been ready to speak almost immediately. It wasn’t Seth, speaking, it was D. Although it seemed to begin steadily, it’s clear from the recording that I was struggling to manage the channelling, which is why it didn’t last for long. I felt D’s energy so strongly, my breathing was erratic and I could feel buzzing throughout my body.

For the record, I have never met D, nor has J or M ever spoken of him or his illness to me or Paddy.)

D (through me): The pain and fear I experienced is nothing compared to the joy I now feel. It is so important that you not only understand this, but take it to your heart. Although this is something for all of you to understand, I want to speak particularly to my brother. I want to share this exhilaration and ecstasy. I love you. Understand I don’t miss you, but please do not be hurt by that comment, I am with you always and do not experience my passing in the way that you might. There is so much I want to say. I will be your guide – we will communicate again.

(I had been expecting Seth to come through as usual. I knew straight away that it was D wanting to speak. It was such a physically powerful experience and I was so overwhelmed by this unexpected turn of events that I ended it quite quickly.)

Kris: Oh boy! Oh boy! That was so strong! Continue reading

Forget worries about death – it is wonderful

OUIJA SESSION 29   27/11/11

We had 3 friends with us this evening for my first ‘group’ channelling. But first they each wanted to use the Ouija to ask a question of certain family members, before getting on to the more general content of the channelling. I found some of this session frustrating. We seemed to get stuck on a certain area of questioning and I began to feel we might be using Seth in a way that was more practical than spiritual. I needn’t have worried – in the next session, Seth reassured me that all questions are valid.

This session went on to be a precursor to a very exciting and mind-blowing channelling experience for me. M’s brother came through very stongly on the Ouija and was very ‘vocal’.

We set the intention as usual.

Kris: (humourously) This is probably the most we could have at a session as we can’t fit any more fingers on the glass. Do we have anybody, or any energy with us this evening?

(pause) YES

Kris: Hello. Thank you for having a go at working through so many different energies. Can we ask who it is that we’re communicating with?

(long pause) SETH

Kris & Pad: Hello Seth.

All: Hello.


(Laughter all round at Seth’s humour) Continue reading

Pay attention to your heart…

I’ve missed session 25 out as it didn’t move our explorations or development forward enough for it to be of general interest. I’ve included this one to show how Seth worked with other people in providing them with support and guidance.

OUIJA SESSION 26   6/11/11

J & M were with us for this session. Intention set as usual.

Kris: Is anybody with us? (long pause, then a very slight movement from the glass – like a twitch.) I think it’s trying. (long pause) Can you manage with all these fingers on the glass? (laughslong pause) Come on, you can do it.


Kris: Who is it we’re talking to?

(very slowly) SETH

Kris: Hello, Seth. As you’ve gathered, we’ve got J and M with us tonight, and this is the first time we’ve ever worked with four people. How is it for you?


Kris: That’s good to hear. Very nice for us, too, Seth. You’ve probably been listening to what was being said before… J was asking about energy and… What was it you were saying, J?

J: About the Abraham connection, do you mean?

Kris: Yes.

J: I feel that I have a very strong emotional connection with Abraham, and I’m wondering if contacting other energies will be a good idea, will make everything even stronger, or if it’s better to be satisfied and use the Abraham connection to its fullest extent. I’m sorry that’s a very complicated question.

Kris: It’s ok, his answer will come whatever. You want to hear some of our questions.

            MAKE USE OF ALL ENERGIES Continue reading

Channelling for Life; an A-Z of human issues

Delcia’s new book is now available on Amazon as a Kindle book. If you’ve enjoyed reading Ortundra’s words here on our site, you can now own your a resource you can use whenever you need guidance on certain topics.

Channelling for Life – an A-Z of Human Issues, is like no other book about Channelling. It is an easy to use, inspirational approach to human issues. It’s really unusual because the descriptions are channelled, together with a dictionary definition of each one at the beginning of each topic

Delcia carries you through her own take on channelling as a phenomenon, encouraging you to be open but sceptical. After all no one really knows what ‘spirit guides’ are and how much they are us and how much they are not us.

Through focussing our minds and opening our hearts we can reach a level of knowledge and understanding that isn’t ordinarily available to us. And the 54 topics covered in this book are just that. From Abuse to Xenophobia, from Anxiety to Relationships, it’s all here for you to dip into and find the relevant bits for you.