Make yourself available for souls who want to communicate

In this prophetic session, Watchers told me that I would communicate with souls and help them to accept their situation.  I wasn’t quite sure how this would happen – via Out of Body Experiences, or through channelling? I’d already experienced a powerful channelled session where the brother of a friend (who also recently passed) came through. To say I was taken by surprise at this would be an understatement! That was 11 months ago (Session 17, 27th Nov 2011) and seemingly a one off as nothing similar happened after that. However, a couple of months ago I experienced something even more powerful and more convincing. (I write about this in detail in my Metaphysically Living blog.) It’s left me in no doubt that I don’t need to ‘channel’ in order to communicate with those who have passed: although I’ve yet to be able to do it ‘to order’. Time will tell. Continue reading


Mediumship or Channelling? What’s the difference?

It's all here

So much is changing for us in our experiences of what we call ‘channelling’, that we have decided to break from our usual format of posting articles. As this Blog is about exploring Inner and Outer Dimensions together, we can no longer ignore the changes taking place in our understanding of how we connect with discarnate energies and the energy of those who have passed. We’re really happy with this new development as it opens up so much more to explore and share with you. Continue reading

A dearly departed gatecrashes a channelling session


This followed on almost immediately after the Ouija session of the same night. I began speaking 2 ½ mins into the recording, but I’d been ready to speak almost immediately. It wasn’t Seth, speaking, it was D. Although it seemed to begin steadily, it’s clear from the recording that I was struggling to manage the channelling, which is why it didn’t last for long. I felt D’s energy so strongly, my breathing was erratic and I could feel buzzing throughout my body.

For the record, I have never met D, nor has J or M ever spoken of him or his illness to me or Paddy.)

D (through me): The pain and fear I experienced is nothing compared to the joy I now feel. It is so important that you not only understand this, but take it to your heart. Although this is something for all of you to understand, I want to speak particularly to my brother. I want to share this exhilaration and ecstasy. I love you. Understand I don’t miss you, but please do not be hurt by that comment, I am with you always and do not experience my passing in the way that you might. There is so much I want to say. I will be your guide – we will communicate again.

(I had been expecting Seth to come through as usual. I knew straight away that it was D wanting to speak. It was such a physically powerful experience and I was so overwhelmed by this unexpected turn of events that I ended it quite quickly.)

Kris: Oh boy! Oh boy! That was so strong! Continue reading

Energy is getting ready for a channel…

SESSION 19  –  15/10/11

I’ve excluded Session 18 as it was very short and didn’t really reveal anything new or particularly interesting about our journey or development. Also, this is one session that was separated by a channelling session.

(Please be aware that these sessions took place round about this time last year.)

Intention set as usual.

Kris: Is anybody there?


Kris: Who is it we’re speaking with?


Kris: Hello, Seth. It’s been a while, in our terms, since we last spoke. And I did have something I wanted to ask you, and I’m afraid I’ve forgotten.

            DID YOUR DAY GO WELL

Kris: Today?


Kris: Yes, cleaning Tipi’s today, Pad was practicing.


Kris: Do you mean you’re getting ready or me? Seth or Kris? Or both?


Kris: Yes, I’m er…I wouldn’t say I was looking forward to it – that would be a lie.

             HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF Continue reading

Worry is a habit

This piece is related to the earlier one about Anxiety.  Personally, I found keeping a Worry Diary really helpful.  Each specific worry thought was written down.  It gave a container for them all.  When you consider just how much there is in the world to worry about, it was a great way of reducing anxiety levels.  By placing these thoughts outside of my own mind they lost their power.  I was able to see how absurd my thinking had become – and just how much energy was being lost by worrying!

This is what Ortundra has to say about worry:

“Worry is a habit. Sometimes it is more than a habit, it is an addiction.  It is so familiar, so ingrained, so easy to do, that it is like an old friend that is always there.

It can be very helpful to ask oneself, how would my life look if I didn’t worry?  What on earth would I do instead of worrying?  What would there be for my mind to do, if I wasn’t worrying?  Now that can be a real worry!  So worry feeds upon worry, upon worry, upon worry.  It is like the cells in the body when they malfunction and become a tumour. You can carry worry tumours in your subtle bodies.

A very practical thing to do is to write down every single worry that you have.  You could have a worry book or folder, and collect them, like you would collect stamps.  You can look at them and say, “well, that is a really big worry and that is a really special worry and that is a worry I’ve had for a long, long time and look at that, that is a new worry.”

Doubt breeds fear

SESSION 16  4/10/11

The night before this session I’d had a dream about being in what looked like an underground car park. I could see a brightly-lit tunnel ahead of me with lots of people queuing to walk into it. I was in the queue but was really nervous about going into the tunnel as I couldn’t see where it led.

The whole experience of the Ouija and channelling was causing a lot of doubts and questions about where it was coming from. What if I was tapping into a deep part of my subconscious? This would be great in itself, but not if I conned myself into believing it was coming from elsewhere. This was to be the start of a very difficult time for me as I oscillated between doubt and disbelief, and trust and acceptance.

We set our intentions as usual.

Kris: Hello, is there anybody there?


Kris: Who is it we’re speaking to?


Kris / Pad: Good evening, Seth.

Kris: A bit of a tumultuous time at the moment – have you any guidance at all for me, to help me through this time?

            YOU (pauseYES

Kris: Can or should?


Kris:Ok, I thought ‘you can relax’, and nothing moved, and I thought ‘should’ relax and got ‘Yes’. Is that right?


Kris: Why should I relax? Because I sure would like to.

            BECAUSE YOU BREED FEAR WHEN YOU DOUBT Continue reading

The afterlife and mediumship

Held within a dream

This piece was channelled from Ortundra a while ago and I think it follows Kris’s last piece about death. 

It is important to know that belief in life after death takes many guises and many forms: one of which is the attempt and seeming success of connecting with the actual personality character of the deceased.

This is, in my view, a straightforward process in that the energy body of that character, that personality level, remains in a form in the universal consciousness rather as we have libraries and reference books.

There is always a record of the character or personality. If you could imagine the universe or consciousness as an incredible computer, you would find that the energetic imprint of that character or personality is saved in the memory bank.

It is possible with a very highly evolved medium, that when there is a request from a person who is alive in a body to meet with an ancestor or someone recently deceased, that the spirit of that person can be called.

If the soul or spirit is willing, it can pick up through the network the energy form of its previous character and personality. This is a very common practice and takes form according to the culture in which the mediumship is happening.

We are thinking here of the work of shamans, witchdoctors, psychic surgeons, trance healers and other kinds of clairvoyance.

It is possible for some spirits and souls to remain enclosed within the personality or character energy form.  People can choose to do this and stay very close to their loved ones on earth for some time.

However, the majority move on sooner or later. That character formation structure is also fed by the memories of those who are alive and is held in this universal computer.

This is to simplify a very complex but very natural process. I cannot overestimate for you the complexity of universal intelligence.

We are all part of that – whether we are in human bodies or not. This is the best explanation that I can give at this time in my own evolution and with this particular channel.