Moving on to pastures new…


I (Kris) am sad to say that this will probably be the last entry posted to this Blog. For all sorts of reasons (which included illness and moving house), it became very difficult for me to continue regular posting to this or my other site Metaphysically Living. Once the dust had settled, Delcia and I decided that perhaps we were moving in different directions as far as the Blog was concerned. As you will see below, we are still very actively involved in consciousness and spirituality, but it became clear that we needed to work separately within our own fields of interest.

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Mediumship or Channelling? What’s the difference?

It's all here

So much is changing for us in our experiences of what we call ‘channelling’, that we have decided to break from our usual format of posting articles. As this Blog is about exploring Inner and Outer Dimensions together, we can no longer ignore the changes taking place in our understanding of how we connect with discarnate energies and the energy of those who have passed. We’re really happy with this new development as it opens up so much more to explore and share with you. Continue reading

It’s time…

I woke early this morning and after having done some meditation, I was prompted to channel.  I experience this as a gentle but strong urging, a pressure in my chest (heart chakra area), often accompanied with a sensation of light touch through my hair at the top of my head. I am also increasingly experiencing Ortundra as a ‘we’.  The following is what ‘came through’.  Unfortunately the last section got lost – I was typing with my eyes closed and something went wrong.  When I opened my eyes the page had closed down.  I went back and tried to remember what had been said. It felt out of reach although something started coming through again, but my computer wouldn’t let me write it – the keys sort of stuck – very strange.  I was struggling to stay connected so decided whatever it was, this wasn’t the right time to record it. Delcia

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Play games to lift vibration

OUIJA SESSION 41   13/1/12

This was a long but very interesting session. We’d been joined by two friends and I wasn’t sure how they were going to respond to Seth, or Seth to them! We are in an Inquiry group with them and part of the philosophy of that group is the cessation of spiritual projection. I was really nervous that nothing would be able to come through or that it might all be gibberish. I should’ve known that Seth wouldn’t let us down. He answered their questions with intelligence, insight and quite a bit of leg pulling. It put me at my ease and gave them lots of food for thought.

            THIS IS SETH

Kris: He’s being quite formal this evening. Is there anything you’d like to kick off with – get the party rolling?


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One river flows through you …

Following on from the last Ortundra post, here he develops the question of the different parts of the self.One river

“You speak of different parts of the self, and indeed this is the experience of the human condition, one through which you and we learn so much.  In experiencing the inner conflicts, the questions, and the doubts, you gradually come further and further into light, into knowing.   However, we must truly emphasise that here, in ‘the overview’, there is no separation.  When you have internal struggle you cannot solve that struggle or find release by staying on the same level of the struggle, by moving between “is it this, is it that?”, “am I this, am I that?”, “should I do this, should do that?”  Continue reading

‘Spirea’ – the total union of spirit and earth Part III

This is the third part of the Spirea posts from Ortundra.  No sweat!

Spirea IIIAnother aspect of the illusion of separation is the conditioned thought that any step forward has to be difficult and involve a struggle.  This is part of the lie that you live within and we understand how difficult it is when the very step that you wish to take is defined negatively by the very belief that you are trying to change.

The experience is difficult but the shift can be easy and the belief in all of this being easy and effortless is what I want to really bring home to you right now.  Your conditioning in terms of life demanding effort and strain has been profound.  However, this does not mean, and it does not follow, that your continued progress needs to remain encapsulated in that belief.  You can take action and be proactive in your life (as you are being) at the same time as seeing these actions as full of joy and ease.  It seems that perhaps you do not value that which is achieved which has not cost you strain and struggle.  And of course again this is part of this illusion of separation, for when activity is happening within spirit, within the consciousness of spirit, it is always effortless – or whatever effort the physical body may be making, it is taking place within a sense of excitement and pleasure.  Rather like those sore points that get massaged and they hurt but you know it is a good hurt.  This is a very different kind of so called pain than the belief that only achievements that have been at great cost are the worthwhile ones.”


‘Spirea’ – the total union of spirit and earth Part II

Spirea IIThis second post from Ortundra on the theme of ‘Spirea’, comes from a group channelling that Delcia did in June 2001.  It is even more relevant as we begin 2013.

“The separation of earthly and spirit has come about mainly because individuals and groups have sought to find inner peace through actually going to war.  What I mean by this is that many people have believed that to feel peace demands the acquisition of land, material goods, and emotional power over others. Continue reading

Forget worries about death – it is wonderful

OUIJA SESSION 29   27/11/11

We had 3 friends with us this evening for my first ‘group’ channelling. But first they each wanted to use the Ouija to ask a question of certain family members, before getting on to the more general content of the channelling. I found some of this session frustrating. We seemed to get stuck on a certain area of questioning and I began to feel we might be using Seth in a way that was more practical than spiritual. I needn’t have worried – in the next session, Seth reassured me that all questions are valid.

This session went on to be a precursor to a very exciting and mind-blowing channelling experience for me. M’s brother came through very stongly on the Ouija and was very ‘vocal’.

We set the intention as usual.

Kris: (humourously) This is probably the most we could have at a session as we can’t fit any more fingers on the glass. Do we have anybody, or any energy with us this evening?

(pause) YES

Kris: Hello. Thank you for having a go at working through so many different energies. Can we ask who it is that we’re communicating with?

(long pause) SETH

Kris & Pad: Hello Seth.

All: Hello.


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Energy is getting ready for a channel…

SESSION 19  –  15/10/11

I’ve excluded Session 18 as it was very short and didn’t really reveal anything new or particularly interesting about our journey or development. Also, this is one session that was separated by a channelling session.

(Please be aware that these sessions took place round about this time last year.)

Intention set as usual.

Kris: Is anybody there?


Kris: Who is it we’re speaking with?


Kris: Hello, Seth. It’s been a while, in our terms, since we last spoke. And I did have something I wanted to ask you, and I’m afraid I’ve forgotten.

            DID YOUR DAY GO WELL

Kris: Today?


Kris: Yes, cleaning Tipi’s today, Pad was practicing.


Kris: Do you mean you’re getting ready or me? Seth or Kris? Or both?


Kris: Yes, I’m er…I wouldn’t say I was looking forward to it – that would be a lie.

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What is the difference between fantasy and dreaming?

The fantasy is the dream that is never manifested; it remains a fantasy when no action has been taken.

The fantasy is a whim; it may be a thought; it may be an entertainment. When you go out to entertainment, you go to something; you pay money and you watch it and you come away.

It is short term. You are satisfied.

But a dream, a real dream, stays forever with you.

It does not leave you alone; it pops back in your mind at the most unexpected moments.

You may see someone else who is doing something similar to your dream, or you may pass the house or see the lovers or the car that is in your dream and you are reminded and it hurts.

This is how you can test out your dream.  It matters to you.

A fantasy has no substance, no roots, whereas a dream holds within it the key to your complete happiness.


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