A dearly departed gatecrashes a channelling session


This followed on almost immediately after the Ouija session of the same night. I began speaking 2 ½ mins into the recording, but I’d been ready to speak almost immediately. It wasn’t Seth, speaking, it was D. Although it seemed to begin steadily, it’s clear from the recording that I was struggling to manage the channelling, which is why it didn’t last for long. I felt D’s energy so strongly, my breathing was erratic and I could feel buzzing throughout my body.

For the record, I have never met D, nor has J or M ever spoken of him or his illness to me or Paddy.)

D (through me): The pain and fear I experienced is nothing compared to the joy I now feel. It is so important that you not only understand this, but take it to your heart. Although this is something for all of you to understand, I want to speak particularly to my brother. I want to share this exhilaration and ecstasy. I love you. Understand I don’t miss you, but please do not be hurt by that comment, I am with you always and do not experience my passing in the way that you might. There is so much I want to say. I will be your guide – we will communicate again.

(I had been expecting Seth to come through as usual. I knew straight away that it was D wanting to speak. It was such a physically powerful experience and I was so overwhelmed by this unexpected turn of events that I ended it quite quickly.)

Kris: Oh boy! Oh boy! That was so strong!

M: It was.

Kris: He came in almost straight away when I closed my eyes. I’ve never felt anything like that before.

(I try to convey how the energy felt.)

Kris: He was so eager, so eager!

M: He always was.

Kris: It was so urgent, it was like, ‘I’ve got to say this’. Oh, sorry, I’m just blown away by that…!

M: His nickname was ‘Biggun’. If anybody told a joke or a story, he always told a bigger one.

Kris: It was so big, so big! I’m shaking. Sorry, I think I might have stopped that, because it… I’m getting pins and needles, and… I’ll try again, otherwise I think I’m going to take off. (I laugh – then to D) Can you slow it down a little, please?

(I try again. A few seconds later…)

Kris: (quietly) Oh, God, I’m shaking.

(As I prepare to channel again, I try to stay focused, try to contain D’s energy so I can do more. Eventually, I have to ask Seth to help as I can’t manage it alone. Just under 4 mins later, Seth comes through.)

Give us a moment. (pause) The energy courses through our friends’ body. He is new to this you see, and understandably extremely eager to communicate with loved ones. As our friend is also new to this, their energies are struggling to find an even keel that does not throw the other off balance. We are working now to steady the enthusiasm. This is a tremendous step forward and an indication of more to come. Your energies combined this evening have provided an atmosphere, shall we say, conducive to the communication clamouring to express itself. Excitement is growing on all levels, but I feel our friend needs to rest now, for containment of this energy is very tiring for her. We are truly, truly excited at this development, as we are sure, must you be. We thank you for your patience and wish you all a very fond and exhilarating good evening.

This whole experience totally blew me away. I’d never experienced anything like it before and so had no idea how to navigate my way through it. Unfortunately, nothing like this has happened since; but then, we’ve never tried communicating with family members in a group session since, either. Having gained so much experience since this session, I would very much like for it to happen again. Maybe next time I wouldn’t bottle out so quickly!




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