Paying Attention to Coincidences May Save a Life

Sad kidThis post is not going to follow the usual format – so no Ouija session or channelling from Ortundra. I (Kris) want to talk about a series of ‘coincidences’ that took place for me recently. I don’t believe there is such a thing as coincidence, I believe they are attempts by our Greater Self to get us to pay attention to something. This certainly proved to be the case in this example – and a very important message it was too.

As I often do, I’d skipped posting a couple of Ouija sessions as I felt they weren’t of any real importance. The next one along (in date) was the previous post about Breaking the Cycle of Despair, which was mainly about suicide. I’d been supporting my nephew who is in crisis and often on the verge of ‘ending it all’. Things had been going well for him and the danger point seemed to have passed (as it usually does). At the time of the suicide post, I had begun working with a young woman who had admitted that she had, in the past, had thoughts of suicide. A few days after my return from annual leave, and the night before I went back to work, I received a text from my nephew in crisis once again telling me he was having thoughts of ‘ending it all’. He’d done this so many times that I just sent him a very long, very supportive and positive text telling him to ring if things got worse. (I also sent a text to his mum to get her to contact him, too.) When I returned to work the following day, I was told I’d been booked onto a Suicide Awareness training session. No-one in the office could remember being told about it, and I didn’t have it in my diary. No-one could find the original email about the training, nor could I find one informing me (or me them) that I was to attend it.

The training was very informative, emphasising the three things that people often do when faced with someone who is obviously experiencing emotional difficulty to the point of not wanting to live. The 3 things are: Miss, Dismiss, Avoid. (It’s too detailed to go into here, but check out the Safe TALK website for more information.) With shame and rising panic, I realised that the night before, I had ‘dismissed’ my nephew’s invitation (basically, the cues someone gives that lets us know they are feeling suicidal) for me to stop him committing suicide. I left the training session in order to call him – he didn’t answer. I called his mum – she didn’t answer. All sorts of terrible scenarios played out in my head for the next couple of hours until I got a message from his mum saying he was fine and would be calling me for the phone numbers of the help lines I’d been told about by one of the trainers. After that scare, I resolved never to dismiss or avoid someone’s invitation for help again, no matter how many times they offer it.

Later that day, I saw the young woman who had glibly mentioned a couple of weeks before that she had considered suicide. Bolstered by the training course and my on-the-edge experience with my nephew, I decided to put what I’d learned into practice and asked her outright if she was thinking of suicide. She lowered her eyes and nodded her head slightly. During the course of the very moving discussion following this disclosure, my young client told me that she didn’t want to die, she just wanted the pain and anxiety to stop, and that just being able to consider suicide made her feel better. This is a young woman who feels she has no control over her life, so this sense of ultimate control is very important to her. She’s never got as far as planning how she will kill herself as she’s actually afraid to do it and was scared to even talk about it. Suicide is a very emotive, and so difficult, subject to talk about. I have my own beliefs about the right of someone to choose to take their own life; however, I would always do my utmost to try to help that person to find another, less devastatingly permanent solution to their problems – or to just find their way to a place where they feel even a tiny bit better.

To add to my list of ‘coincidences’ around suicide – a couple of days after seeing this young woman, I went on to Youtube wanting to listen or watch an Abraham talk. I scrolled through a couple of pages looking for one I liked the sound of and came across ‘Source Decides When You Croak’. A close friend had recently ‘croaked’ so I thought I might get something useful to relay to his wife, who is a big fan of Abraham. The talk turned out to be about suicide! It was amazing and something that I will always recall if I ever receive another invitation from someone considering suicide. What I love most about it is the fact that, at no point within the dialogue they suggest you could have with someone considering suicide, do they say ‘death is wonderful, it’s not a problem if you kill yourself’. Anyone could hear these words and be encouraged to stick around.

So, a series of coincidences around suicide had made me pay attention in such a way that I acted on these guidance from my Greater Self and perhaps was subsequently instrumental in preventing the deaths of two young people. I guess I’ll never know for certain. One thing I am certain of, however, is that when you start to pay attention, the universe or your greater self or whatever you want to call it, goes up a gear and sends you more and more of the same.


Check out my new Blog, ‘Metaphysically Living’ for an interesting psychic experience I had whilst doing some therapeutic work with my nephew.


2 comments on “Paying Attention to Coincidences May Save a Life

  1. Greetings from Delhi, Kris. I really like your last blog and will recommend it to others I feel will be helped by reading it. Here in India I already feel steeped in religious spirituality. If I am inspired to write I will send you a blog for the site. Delxxx

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