Mediumship or Channelling? What’s the difference?

It's all here

So much is changing for us in our experiences of what we call ‘channelling’, that we have decided to break from our usual format of posting articles. As this Blog is about exploring Inner and Outer Dimensions together, we can no longer ignore the changes taking place in our understanding of how we connect with discarnate energies and the energy of those who have passed. We’re really happy with this new development as it opens up so much more to explore and share with you.

So, from now on, you won’t only be reading channellings from Ortundra and the Ouija transcripts, you will also be able to read about ‘Out of Body Experiences’ (OOBE’s) and messages from those who are no longer in physical. We are coming to realise that there is no ‘out there’ and ‘in here’ when it comes to spirituality or the consciousness – it is all ‘here’. When we have OOBE’s, we do not ‘leave’ our body, we expand our consciousness beyond the physical. It is in this way that we are able to access the thoughts and memories of those who are no longer in physical, or, in the case of Watcher or OT, have never been physical.

We hope you come along with us on our new adventures in consciousness and we would love for you to share yours with us, too. Kris & Delcia  🙂


After Life news from Philip (Via Delcia)

Philip died from cancer in December 2011.  His wife, Jane, is one of my very closest friends.  From time to time I feel as if Philip wants to communicate.  Recently this ‘pull’, gentle as it was, felt very strong and so I decided to sit down at my PC, do my process to reach the level of consciousness from where I channel, and see if Philip was available.  The following is what came.  I have shared it with Jane and she is happy for me to make this public.Philip nearby

“I know you are feeling me around – it’s a bit like getting a calling card isn’t it?  I mean I’d like to pay you a visit but it’s really up to you.  I know it takes time out of your day and you live in the ‘time zone’.

But as you are here and willing to listen and type I would like to share a few words.  Firstly about Jane:  I see that she is doing so well, getting to grips with all that she has had to face in losing me.  Good thing for her.  I always kind of felt that without me around directly she could do so much better!  I don’t mean that in a, “I feel sorry for myself way”, but more about realising how, in couples, we can get in each other’s way.  We so want the other one to do what we see they could do, or at least we think they could do!

More to the point right here, right now is that I want to communicate something about Earth and what people view as the afterlife.  I can’t insist enough that it’s not an ‘after’ life, it’s a con-current life.  The trappings of the material world keep you hooked in the one reality, the one dimension really.  It is because you are starting to do this other work with the Monroe chap that I feel I can have another go at coming through to you – Oh how I hate that term!  Well, not hate, because my emotions don’t go that far now, but I still resist the jargon of the paranormal.  We – I mean those of us not in physical bodies – are just here to talk to, just like normal, except I know it’s not normal because you can’t make me a cup of tea or anything, but I did enjoy the pleasure you just got from your cup of Earl Grey tea just now.  I don’t taste the tea, I pick up on the pleasure that you experience, because I’m close by and sensed that you were going to focus on channelling for a bit.  Not rocket science because you went on to your website to check for any messages etc. and see what your friend had put up.  It’s not that I am spying on you, far from it.  I can’t see what you are doing, but I can hone in, a bit like a ship out at sea using a lighthouse beam to find their way. 

I am doing a lot of computer work here, got myself involved with new technologies that are coming Earth-wise.  We sort of influence the minds of those working in the field.  Not that I’m any more advanced, far from it.  Just because you die doesn’t mean you are any good at anything or suddenly have magical powers, rather that I am part of a sort of team, a group mind that brings greater clarity of thought to those minds of the researchers and inventors.  It’s great fun and I am learning a lot.  It works a bit like this.  When I am close with someone who is struggling with what seems to be an unresolvable problem, I hold the energy of the space he or she is in.  I bring in a kind of presence that helps them to stop and be still.  Then they can get the solution, because that’s there all the time, they just have to discover it.  So my job is to be a bit of a catalyst.  Not the right word at all, more a sort of meditative gatekeeper.  No, that’s not right either.  Perhaps I should say it’s more about me just being myself and facilitating the truth to come forward.  I used to do that a lot in physical life.  But here it’s a bit more abstract, a bit more indirect, and certainly unseen.  These men and women have no idea what influences are around them.  Some of them are humble enough to recognise and admit that inspiration comes to them and they don’t try and get all the glory just for themselves – and of course there’s loads of teamwork on earth too.  Well, that’s replicated here.  It’s great fun really.  We kind of float around with purpose!

Tell Jane I love her of course, and that all that I want for her is to enjoy her life and to feel completely free to do that.



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