Do the Guides have sex?

I (Delcia) wanted to follow on from Kris’s last post on this topic, so decided to ask Ortundra (O.T.) what ‘his’ thoughts on sex and spirituality may be:

“Firstly I want to share with you the limitations you all put on the ‘sex act’.  You refer to sexual intercourse as being the only full way of being sexual with another.  Of course this is totally heterosexual (though penetration takes place within same sex activities), and is a limited definition. 

When we speak of sexual pleasure we are focussing on many, varied things.  There is basic instinct, basic pleasure, urges, the need for human connection, the need for deeper bonding, for expression, for being close, for physical & emotional touch, for intimacy, as well as the need to connect with the divine – all in one activity.  Well, no wonder there is much confusion, expectation and consequently insecurity! 

And because this aspect of human behaviour is so often abused, trivialised, at worst satanised (and I use that word liberally – there is no Satan but there is abuse that can be described as evil*, eg. child pornography), we need to consider sexuality as an endeavour that has many levels.  Kris and Paddy and their guides have been speaking of bringing together spiritually and sexual intercourse.   

It is true that sexual intercourse brings deep bonding, and of course is the primary way in which a child is conceived (although not the only way now because of technology).  However, it is this act (ie sexual intercourse) that seems to hold within it symbolically all that human beings consider ‘real sex’.  This is deeply ingrained and only when this is lifted out of the unconscious conditioning and held within the light can we see that there is a joy in sex that far outreaches one specific form of its expression. 

Where ‘I’ am on this level of consciousness we express our sexuality through the pulsation of energy fields as we meet and are attracted to one another.  This is not as promiscuous as it may sound!  It is rather that we are free to pulsate in a way which mirrors the vibratory patterning of sexuality when you are in a physical body.  So it doesn’t hold any particular significance for us.  It is freed from all the connotations that you have with it.  This is a wonderful gift to have been given once out of the body.  The urgency, or lack of desire, and whatever so called ‘sexual dysfunctions’ you may define simply cannot exist here.  But this does not mean that we do not experience wonderful connection and vibratory pleasure. 

What we would like is for more of you to have this quality of pleasure whilst you are in bodies.  This is where the tradition of Tantra etc. is rooted – in bringing into consciousness the possibility of subtle energy as it related to sexual expression.  You can do this without disciplined exercises, though of course these have led others to heightened states of ecstasy and you need training if that is what you want.  However, you can bring your own soul, spirit, subtle energy and sexual feelings together in a very natural and conscious way.  Just be mindful that you are more than your physical body.

Of course you must have the heart in all of this – the love that you share for the other.  If this is not present then sexual activity is functional and serves the same purpose as having a meal or relieving yourself in the toilet.  Nothing wrong with that, just a long way from the experience it could be with all the other levels that are possible.”

“*We can speak of evil another time, just for now to say that evil is the total absence of love, respect, & empathy.) “


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