What’s in a name?

I (Delcia) woke at 5.30am on July 7th with the urge to channel on the relevance of the name Ortundra.    I have been toying with the idea of altering how I name my source of guidance.  This comes with a feeling of wanting to be less identified with the New Age approach to the channelling phenomenon (hence my playing with the term ICC – Intuitive Connective Communication).  For me New Age thinking is exciting and rewarding.  However, I have always found a need to be very discerning and wary of healing systems or spiritual ideas and beliefs that present themselves as ‘the way’ or the ‘ultimate truth’.  Channelling as a phenomenon is ‘way out there’, and it seems more important than ever to earth it and make it ordinary (in it’s extra-ordinariness!).  Hence my present interest in the work of The Monroe Institute (abbreviated to TMI in the channelled piece below), and, like Kris, my reading the work of Frank de Marco.  This is what Ortundra had to say this morning:

“As I have shared before the name is really an energy signature.  What I mean by this is that the tone, sequence of sound, depth of resonance and type of wording reflects the quality and type of connection that you will have with ‘this side’. 

The name that came to you all those years ago (over twenty years), was prompted by the environment you were in at the time, the reading you had been doing and the definition of the so called character that I needed and to some degree continue to need to be for you. 

As we discussed at the time, or near the time of my so called entry into your life (I had always been there of course, just being outside your direct awareness,) I exist in order to bring through guidance and hold you in place as a teacher/facilitator.  Your calling, so to speak, has and continues to be that of bringing groups of people together to learn, share and develop in consciousness.  There is no question about that. (Of course this may change in your future.)

So the name that was given to you, or came to you, so to speak, was a development from and in connection with your teacher at the time (Lita de Alberdi).  Remember her guide was called Ortan and the generation of teachings that she was working from – the Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer tradition – included several whose names began with Ort.   

There is an authority in that vowel and a general masculine resonance which reinforces the power and integrity of beliefs and understandings about ‘the other side’.  As you develop now, all these years later, you are coming into your own, so to speak.  What I mean by this is that you can now have more freedom in how you describe and relate to me, or rather us (we have been many for some time now), and your desire to sound more contemporary, more ‘with it’, more in tune with this rather than the last century (using your time frame), is crucial to your own confidence in how you present this material to the outside world. 

So really, you may call me/us what you wish!  We are a collective part of your soul and in this are, as you know already, connected to the connective parts of many if not millions of souls.  So Ortundra may become ORT. This abbreviation could represent ‘Other Relational Tendencies’ or ‘Other Relative Time-frames’.  Or you may refer to me/us as OD, which can simply refer to ‘Other Dimension(s)’.  Whichever you choose is OK with us because we are not the authority that you may have felt you turned to before; we are now so much in partnership with you that it is becoming impossible to tell the difference between you and I/we.  This is indicative of your readiness now to deepen and develop your experience of consciousness and to use TMI as a vehicle to support you in this, as well of course as your noble and loving group of peers. 

We look forward (well that is not possible of course because we are not inside time, but you know what we mean) to sharing this journey with you.  With blessings and best wishes, OT or OD or ORD or ORT or something else (your favourite version will emerge!).”





2 comments on “What’s in a name?

  1. Crumbs, Delcia – how very interesting!! I had noticed the similarity between Ortan and Ortundra as names,nd all the ‘O’s but to have the whole thread tied together like this is v thought-provoking. Look fwd to hearing more…love, Hester

    • Hello Hester – apologies – have only just gone on to this our channelling site (Kris mostly manages it so I only know if someone has replied to me if I actually visit the site) and picked up your message. Yes, I’m still unsure about where I & Ortundra/OT are going with this, but it is interesting. Will keep you posted! love Delcia

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