It’s time…

I woke early this morning and after having done some meditation, I was prompted to channel.  I experience this as a gentle but strong urging, a pressure in my chest (heart chakra area), often accompanied with a sensation of light touch through my hair at the top of my head. I am also increasingly experiencing Ortundra as a ‘we’.  The following is what ‘came through’.  Unfortunately the last section got lost – I was typing with my eyes closed and something went wrong.  When I opened my eyes the page had closed down.  I went back and tried to remember what had been said. It felt out of reach although something started coming through again, but my computer wouldn’t let me write it – the keys sort of stuck – very strange.  I was struggling to stay connected so decided whatever it was, this wasn’t the right time to record it. Delcia

A digital development of an original mixed media painting.

It’s Time by Delcia A digital development of an original mixed media painting.

“It could be time now for you all to stop worrying about what you think really matters to you.  For the so called veil between you and us, between spirit and matter, between what you see with your physical eyes and what you can sense and see and feel with your non-physical eyes, is no longer an issue.  There is no veil.  There is no separation.

The time is now for us to be in one reality and to think as one brain, one voice, one mind and indeed one body.  By body I mean the expanded ‘sub-atomic particle’ body.  This is totally who you are, just as it is us – so I say again, there is no separation.  On this sub-atomic level we meet – totally, utterly and as one. 

There is much yet to understand the workings at this level of reality, although many strides have been taken.  Here the composition of movements and structures are severed from one another in a patterning that on the surface, or at first sight, looks like chaotic ‘behaviour’.  It is chaotic and then the penetration of that chaos goes further into a substantial and different experience of yourself that knows it has access to everything.  This is not to say that you then need or desire everything; rather, that you can manifest as you need to for the next steps along the way. 

We can’t emphasise enough just how simple all this is.  It is a change in affect.  Through the chaos there is a calm layer that then in itself shifts towards a profound light and pounding of sounds that take the mind into a state of complete and utter transformation.  This transformation is not so dramatic in that although from where you are now it would seem so, at the time of its happening it is simply the next step.  The conscious dead make this step all the time and it is completely normal to do so. 

We will speak more of this later.  Suffice to say for now that for those of you who are open and ready and have healed much of your life issues, this is the time now when you and I, we and you, together are in one state.  Your desires and needs (so called, for really they are your self created illusions) no longer need to dominate your thinking as you come to know that in the expanded state, together with conscious, loving intention, these are consistently known and met. The baby in the cot lives unconsciously within this expanded state.  You now can live it consciously.”


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