What are the changes in our weather telling us?

The garden, La RondaMy trip to Mid-West France a couple of weeks ago to teach my Open to Channelling (Intuitive Connected Communication) weekend course was a great success, and my thanks and appreciation go out to my hosts and all those who were in the group.  All were English ‘ex-pats’ and, I think, because of this were rather precious and special to each other.  There was laughter, tears, and amazing insights.  By the end of the weekend they were all able to channel for themselves and for each other, and I have just heard that they are going to meet as a group to practise channelling together – the best way to develop the skill.

One of the many questions that came up in the group was to do with the changes in the weather and what is Mother Nature trying to tell us? 

Here’s what Ortundra had to say:

Weather changes

Weather Changes by Delcia McNeil

In a sense you are the weather, you are part of the weather, you are made of the same minerals, vapours, chemicals, structures as the weather.  Nothing is separate and in order to manage the changes it’s really important to be flexible.  This is demanding flexibility and trust. 

It is important to come away from the game of playing being a victim to the weather.  This is very endemic and understandably comes from feeling powerless because the weather is one thing that cannot be controlled by man.  This demands  humility – to accept the weather just as it comes, to be able to adapt and appreciate that these changes are happening in a cyclical way and will demand of the human race new ways of thinking, and new values in relationship to the natural world.  It means bringing humanity back into its rightful place of sharing this planet with other species and with Mother Nature herself.

This humility is long overdue.  This appreciation of all that Mother Nature gives you is also long overdue.  These values will slowly shift and might shift more suddenly as natural disasters hit the planet.  We understand that this is challenging and people may question why, and are asking how much mankind is creating the changes.  It is complex and made up of many facets, but the main thing that we would say is this need for the human race to humble itself and know that it is very small in relation to nature and the whole race could perish in a moment.  This is not a violence that we see coming or would wish.  What we do say is value human life and human endeavour, and work in partnership with nature.  Being humble in the face of nature needs to again to be the dominant value in the world.“




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