Your Cosmic Parents

Ortundra lets us know that there’s a solution if you missed out on receiving adequate parenting (and this is not about blaming parents who invariably do their best):

Cosmic parents

Cosmic Parents by Delcia McNeil

“Allow yourself to know that where earthly parents have failed, for their own reasons, cosmic parents are present.  A cosmic mother and a cosmic father are there for you, there to help you continue to experience yourself as a fully embodied human being.

There is a struggle to receive love if that was missing in your own mothering.  Continue to open your heart and soften and receive the love that is available for you.  Allow yourself to believe and tune into the support of your cosmic parents.  Allow yourself to play and enjoy life.

Be as fresh and open as a new-born.   Recognise your own gifts.  Be strong and effective.  See yourself holding your arms around a tree.  This tree in full leaf, and it supports your spine and the core of your being.   For many, anxiety can often overcome you.  It is a question always of trust.

Nurse the sceptic, for the sceptic is an important part of the psyche.   It is rarely wise to rush ahead, particularly in the field of healing yourself. Even so, your life is expanding now.  You can take yourself forward in the world and in your relationships. The world is becoming a smaller place and your heart extends around it.  The times that are difficult make us grow the most.  You are learning about sacrifice and surrender.  Make sure you play and have fun.  Make sure there is a balance.

Know that there is always love available for you.  Knowing yourself, that kernel of spirit inside of you, is the most important thing you can do.  Many have travelled far and will travel further in your lives.  Always bring yourself back to your centre.

Please know that where there is unconditional love there simply has to be peace.  You are beautiful people.  Always know that.”


2 comments on “Your Cosmic Parents

  1. I have been fortunate to have nearly flawless and loving earth parents… but it’s nice to know there are cosmic parents out there too! 🙂

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