One river flows through you …

Following on from the last Ortundra post, here he develops the question of the different parts of the self.One river

“You speak of different parts of the self, and indeed this is the experience of the human condition, one through which you and we learn so much.  In experiencing the inner conflicts, the questions, and the doubts, you gradually come further and further into light, into knowing.   However, we must truly emphasise that here, in ‘the overview’, there is no separation.  When you have internal struggle you cannot solve that struggle or find release by staying on the same level of the struggle, by moving between “is it this, is it that?”, “am I this, am I that?”, “should I do this, should do that?” 

You will not find the solution by moving round the parts that you describe.  You find the solution by moving beyond –  in spatial terms moving above those conflicting, separating parts.  For it is in the place ‘above and beyond’ that you experience the unity of all things, a place from which a light can shine down on these parts and see how they fit together. 

To experience integration of the many aspects of yourself is to come to a place of inner peace, of relief.  I have often spoken of paradox, of the many paradoxes that exist in your minds.  Things are  ‘both and’ from where we view, and if you can open your hearts and minds to sit comfortably with that, to leave the struggle be, so too you can move into a place where all those levels of your being – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – can feel like one river flowing through you. 

We know that you learn through this experience of separation.  We know that in many ways the human being has chosen this path.  This remains part of the nature of mind.  However you must know that mind and consciousness are consistently and constantly evolving.  You are part of new consciousness as it comes into being for as you integrate us, as you integrate this view of reality, so too you take yourselves further and the whole world further with you. 

For as has already been said, there have always been great minds that have brought through the realities, the power, and the love that we speak of.  And now this is potentially available for you all.”


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