Ortundra speaks about the process of Channelling

This post comes from a Channelling by Delcia done for an Open to Channelling group in Muswell Hill, North London in September 2008.  Ortundra indicates the greater power of working in a group, and also just how close our sources of guidance are.  He also reminds us again that we are not separate.  I (Delcia) believe that now, in 2013, our guidance is even easier to access.

Channelling process“We would like to speak more of the process of channelling and we begin with our greetings because it is always a great privilege and honour to connect with you in this way, in this space, and we are full of gratitude that you are willing to give your time, and to make your commitment to being here.  For when you come together and work together, and when you share your experiences and develop a collective energy field, it is much easier for us too to gather and be present for you.

This always brings joy and excitement for there is so much to do together, so much to learn, so much healing to take place, and we see and we understand that there is a struggle to reach us even though we are so close that you could feel us on your breath.  We are so close for we are part of the same immense field of consciousness, of universal energy within which every sentient being exists, every level of intelligence, every dimension in this amazing universe.   

We are all part of one and we are all autonomous pockets of light within that vast oneness.  So you see my dear, dear friends, we are not separate and the parts of you within yourself are not separate.  They only seem so.” 


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