‘Spirea’ – the total union of spirit and earth Part III

This is the third part of the Spirea posts from Ortundra.  No sweat!

Spirea IIIAnother aspect of the illusion of separation is the conditioned thought that any step forward has to be difficult and involve a struggle.  This is part of the lie that you live within and we understand how difficult it is when the very step that you wish to take is defined negatively by the very belief that you are trying to change.

The experience is difficult but the shift can be easy and the belief in all of this being easy and effortless is what I want to really bring home to you right now.  Your conditioning in terms of life demanding effort and strain has been profound.  However, this does not mean, and it does not follow, that your continued progress needs to remain encapsulated in that belief.  You can take action and be proactive in your life (as you are being) at the same time as seeing these actions as full of joy and ease.  It seems that perhaps you do not value that which is achieved which has not cost you strain and struggle.  And of course again this is part of this illusion of separation, for when activity is happening within spirit, within the consciousness of spirit, it is always effortless – or whatever effort the physical body may be making, it is taking place within a sense of excitement and pleasure.  Rather like those sore points that get massaged and they hurt but you know it is a good hurt.  This is a very different kind of so called pain than the belief that only achievements that have been at great cost are the worthwhile ones.”



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