‘Spirea’ – the total union of spirit and earth Part II

Spirea IIThis second post from Ortundra on the theme of ‘Spirea’, comes from a group channelling that Delcia did in June 2001.  It is even more relevant as we begin 2013.

“The separation of earthly and spirit has come about mainly because individuals and groups have sought to find inner peace through actually going to war.  What I mean by this is that many people have believed that to feel peace demands the acquisition of land, material goods, and emotional power over others.

This desire for security, misplaced as it is, has come about over many, many centuries.  There was a time when life was not lost in this way.  We do not understand the reasons why such difficulties with connection with spirit have evolved over such a long period.  What we do know is that the time for this so called separation is rapidly coming towards its end, towards a resolution for those who consciously seek it, and those who remain unconscious of this movement will be able to benefit covertly from the greater joy and happiness and fulfilment that is, and will come into the lives of those who know that the time has come for this illusion of separation to end.

We are the messengers of this shift.  We come to you because we are part of your consciousness and many of us have been embodied at different times, experiencing in different ways, the pain and suffering of the illusion of separation.  We have, and remain, committed to you as these shifts in consciousness become more and more clear.  For none of us can move further into the light without the gathering of all human hearts and without the knowledge that all people in some way know that they are loved unconditionally.  When spirit and earth are seen as one, love is the result.”


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