‘Spirea’ – the total union of spirit and earth Part I

Spirea IThis and the next two posts from Ortundra come from a group channelling that Delcia did in June 2001.  They are even more relevant as we begin 2013.

“Earthly and spirit are very much part of Western thinking, and in many ways this thinking is dominating the planet.  It is the depth and, in some ways, rigidity of this philosophical thought system that we seek, with your help, to radically change.  For, as so many of you are all well aware, it is this artificial separation between spirit and earthly that causes so much suffering, both to the individual internally and in the community and the collective. 

I must emphasise that the whole thing is simply based on a thought which has become a belief which is not reality.  The pulsation of light, which is of and from the universe, is the basis of all matter.  Part of the problem seems to come when this idea of light and vibrational energy is given some kind of religious or indoctrinated language.  Often this is rooted in political and cultural structures which demand the control of one group of people over another.  This kind of language, which lays down what a person should consider as spiritual, is part of the way in which spirit gets to be seen as different and separate from the thoughts that people may have about eg. their cars, or their carpets, or the food they eat.

When you really look at this and you consider the food you eat, or the carpet on your floor, or the car you travel in, you see that these goods are made from natural substances.  Of course sometimes these have been altered in laboratories, but nonetheless they are formed from the minerals and chemicals of the planet itself.  And these minerals and chemicals, and all the foodstuffs, originate in the form of light.

What has tended to happen is that the individual is mostly separated out from the process of food production and the manufacture of goods.  They are no longer part of that whole process of work, intention, planning and creation that goes into all the things that are used every day in the home and workplace.

This also means that the individual is separate from the people involved in making and producing these things.  This is where a very real separation is felt.  For you know, if you are together in your community of friends and you do a task together, you feel the energy and the spirit of each person involved.  And the group of you creates an energy that is greater than the sum of individuals.  You may get into conflict.  You may have a lot of laughter.  Whatever happens between you, you know that energy is being exchanged, and energy is spirit.  So if you, with your hearts and minds, are able to connect with all those who have been involved in the creation of material objects, you can experience an affinity with spirit rather than the lack and loss that is separation.

Some religions successfully bridge this illusion of a gap with simple rituals eg. saying grace before a meal, or the giving of a blessing.  These are simple actions that remind all people that they are part of a much greater energy and a flow of love through spirit.”


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