Try a chuckle!

Ortundra reminds us that we need to lighten up and have fun.  He says that physiologically laughter lifts and changes the vibrational structure within the cells of human bodies and massages the internal organs.  It actually opens the cells up to greater light and this light is then able to penetrate into the cellular structure and therefore the physical body as a whole.

He would like to teach us all how to chuckle and reminds us of the North American Indian culture where the Medicine Men and Medicine Women would often chuckle as they worked and as they reached into their own trance-like state*.  He’s suggesting we begin with a chuckle and that we simply allow this to come from the chest and from deeper down in the abdomen.  He says you think you need to have a joke to laugh at, but you don’t.  Jokes are wonderful and have their place, but all of life is a chuckle.

Try it!

Note:  *I (Delcia) don’t have real evidence that this happened – it may well have done (and if anyone reading this blog can verify please let us know).  I think the important thing here is that we get the message to use the chuckle as a way of lightening up!

Santa And wishing you a very Happy Christmas from Delcia and Kris!



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