Should I go or should I stay?

Ortundra speaks about being in difficult relationships.  This is an example of verbal channelling where it appears partly Ortundra speaking directly through Delcia and partly she is interpreting what Ortundra is giving her.  These are two distinct but perfectly adequate ways of channelling.

Should I go or should I stay blog“Loyalty is a wonderful quality but it also can keep you hooked in situations that you have grown out of, are not good for you, or do not support your growth.  It’s possible that if you can change how you are within the relationship the other person may no longer need you.  That has to be tried out.

There is no point in any of us staying in destructive relationships.  No point whatsoever.  If the relationship can be healed, we can work through behaviours that have become destructive.  To do that there needs to be a clear commitment and an understanding with good will on both sides.  Sometimes the issue is to learn when to let go.  Often we stay in situations longer than perhaps we need to because we need to wait for the right time to move.

And these sorts of situations take as long as they take.  It’s important not to judge yourself for feeling stuck or caught up in something.  Rather it’s important to have compassion for yourself, while you’re in it, and, when there is resolution, to appreciate yourself for having found your way through.  Sometimes these kinds of difficult connections with people go back to other lifetimes.  It takes as much courage to walk away as it can to stay sometimes, if not more.  One of the yardsticks is to ask yourself, “how much energy am I putting in and how much energy am I getting back”.  If that is way out of balance then it’s really important to think and to ask yourself why you are doing it.  Please know that from where we are there is much love for you.”


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