Channelling for Life; an A-Z of human issues

Delcia’s new book is now available on Amazon as a Kindle book. If you’ve enjoyed reading Ortundra’s words here on our site, you can now own your a resource you can use whenever you need guidance on certain topics.

Channelling for Life – an A-Z of Human Issues, is like no other book about Channelling. It is an easy to use, inspirational approach to human issues. It’s really unusual because the descriptions are channelled, together with a dictionary definition of each one at the beginning of each topic

Delcia carries you through her own take on channelling as a phenomenon, encouraging you to be open but sceptical. After all no one really knows what ‘spirit guides’ are and how much they are us and how much they are not us.

Through focussing our minds and opening our hearts we can reach a level of knowledge and understanding that isn’t ordinarily available to us. And the 54 topics covered in this book are just that. From Abuse to Xenophobia, from Anxiety to Relationships, it’s all here for you to dip into and find the relevant bits for you.


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