DIY in a Magnetic Field

Ortundra gives us some insight into what a problem actually is.

“Many of you feel as if you do not have an anchor, as if you are a body going around the earth in orbit, all alone, with no connection whatsoever.  You have not grasped that you exist in a magnetic field – you do to some extent in your head, but not in your heart, and therefore not in your full being.

All things exist within this field and the magnetism itself keeps you in a constant state of attraction and attachment.  You cannot really be separate because everything is within this field.  You need to feel this in a physical way.  When you do this you feel secure and there is no question about solutions to problems.  Problems are aspects of reality which have yet to come to light in a way that mean you can see the path ahead clearly.  When you are unable to see the path ahead it is because you are learning the lessons of being in the very situation you have created.

When you feel yourself to be in this magnetic field – which of course you are in whether you realise it or not – you have a different reality.  Solutions to situations come easily to the mind.  You come to realise that there is not a problem to be solved, but rather a different or new perspective to be discovered.”


3 comments on “DIY in a Magnetic Field

    • Thanks for your feedback Hester. This channelled piece really helps me to put things in perspective. I hope you like the image too – one of my digital creations from an original painting! all good wishes, Delcia

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