DIY advice from the afterlife….

Session 24   30th October 2011

(This session was conducted with a friend, K. There was quite a lot of personal information and references, which I have omitted.)

K: Can we see if there’s anybody there from my family? Just in case.

Kris: Is there anybody from K’s family there, and if so, what’s your name?


Kris: Do you know anyone called Steven?

K: Only my older brother who is in this life.

Kris: Are you anything to do with K?


Kris: So who are you here to speak to?


Kris: Ok, I’ve got a feeling I know who you are. Are you Steven my brother-in-law? (Ste had passed several years ago from alcohol related illnesses.)


Kris: Ste, do you have a message then, something you’d like to tell me?


Kris: I did wonder about you coming through at some point. Don’t know where you’re at since you died and I’m not quite sure what to make of it really. I’m really pleased if you want to say hello, have a message for Sue. (my sister and Ste’s estranged wife) That would be nice?

            TELL HER I (Kris: She won’t believe me.) CHOSE TO DIE

Kris: See, Ste, I know that, we all know that in this room, Sue’s not at a place where she can understand that. She doesn’t even know we do this and I don’t know how she’d handle it. I think she’d lose the plot if I told her you’d come through.

Pad: We can still talk to Steve.

Kris: of course. Is there anything you can add to that that would help Sue at the level she’s at to understand or to feel better in herself? I really appreciate you saying that, that was really special for me.


Kris: Again, thank you for that, ultimately we know that. It would have more power and meaning for Sue if I told her something that would be like something that only she would know. I know it’s a lot to ask. Anything that was said that only she would be aware of: or at least I wouldn’t be aware of?


Kris: Can you give us a colour?


Kris: Is this a going out top or a work top, do you know?


Pad: Steve, thanks for communicating with us, we’d love to talk to you another time and go a bit deeper, but we’d like to speak to someone from K’s family at the moment, so would you mind stepping aside and allowing someone from K’s family to come through? Would that be ok with you?


Kris:  So is there anybody there from K’s family?


Kris: Who is it that we’re talking to?


(K shakes her head.)

Kris: No, sorry, don’t know that name.

Pad: Are you related to K?


Pad: Who are you related to, William?

Kris: I’d rather say thanks, but can we please get someone from K’s family. Can we talk to you another time, William, we really do want to talk to someone from K’s family. Maybe you need to give a name. Pad has to call his dad.

K: Well, there’s dad, I could ask dad.

Kris: Seth, just step in a minute. Does K have to ask someone specifically to speak to?


Pad: Does she have to order him?


Pad: I have to do that with my dad.

K: How do you do that?

Kris: Just ask him to come through.

K: Dad, I’d really like you to come through for me, will you do that please? Dad, are you there?


Kris: We just want to speak to K’s dad now.


Kris: Ask his name.

K: Just to help everybody else, dad, can you spell out your name for me please?


K: It’s not you, pops.

Pad: Are you K’s dad, from this life?


Kris: So can you just spell out your name for us, please?


K: Hello, Uncle Paul.

Kris: Is that right, then?

K: Yeh, you’re quick coming through, crikey, you only passed over a few weeks…and created havoc. So, tell me, I know you chose to go, have you got any messages for your family and which one to give it to, which one will take it? Because Aunty Betty’s blaming herself, big time. (pause) Who can I give a message to?


(We all laugh.)

K: Which wall is she thinking of taking down? Right, I’ll tell her that, Uncle Paul (I think). Which of your children is going to be the most conducive one for me to talk to, to say I’ve talked to you?

            WASH  R I S T E V

Kris: Does this sometimes. Can we try that again? What is it you’re trying to tell us? K was wondering if one of your children might listen more openly, and which one might that be?


K: (laughing) Oh, no, Uncle Paul, I need to talk to somebody, who do I need to tell?

            TELL BETTY

K: Ok, I’ll tell Betty, then. Anything else you’d like me to tell Betty, Uncle Paul?

            THANK TI

Pad: Can you start that again? Thank?


K: That’s quite nice, isn’t it? (wipes away a tear) Look at me.

Kris: Oh no, honestly, we’ve been like that. I’ve had to sing a lullaby while crying.

Pad: I’ve probably had the strongest reaction.

K: Gosh, he’s not been passed over that long, has he? But I can’t talk to the kids…that’s a bugger. Uncle Paul, I know they did a couple of Post Mortems on you…what was it, what physical cause, caused you to die?


K: But they said your heart was ok, the doctor said your heart was ok?


K: Ok, that answers it. Because the two PM’s said it was his heart, but the doctor said not.


K: So the doctor got it wrong?


K: Uncle Paul, since you’ve been on the other side, have you met dad? (pause) I don’t know where my dad is, I don’t know where he is. I’ve never been able to get through.

Kris: Maybe he’s chosen not to.

K: Uncle Paul, has dad chosen, has dad’s spirit chosen to come back into a physical life already? Do you know that?


K: Mmm, not sure. He’s not met him.

Pad: Could’ve come into another life, not necessarily physical.

K: Has dad gone to another life that’s not necessarily physical?


K: Will dad contact me at all, Uncle Paul, do you know?

            YOU NEED TO LET GO

Kris: Is K’s dad on (skip on recorder)


K: Well, just tell him when I get over there he’ll have more bollockings than he’s ever had, because I’ve got loads to say to him.

Kris: Will she ever come in contact with him again in any form?


K: Uncle Paul, do you have any more messages for anybody? Do you have a message for mum, for Beryl?

            LOVE HER

K: Uncle Paul.(crying a little) Sorry.

Kris: Don’t apologise, it’s lovely isn’t it? It’s very moving.

K: Yeh. Do you have any messages for me, Uncle Paul?


K: Well, I’m glad he liked the eulogy.

(K explains that she asked others to put messages in it that she then read out. Kris said that that was thoughtful to think of what others might want to say.)

K: Well, it had to be for everybody else, because nobody else could read it. Thanks Uncle Paul, I miss you and thanks for cutting the lawn on the Tuesday, I appreciate it. I managed to get the hedges cut so you wouldn’t have to do it, but you went and cut the damn lawn didn’t you? We were trying to stop you from doing stuff. Thanks for looking after cats, thanks for looking after the house…


K: (crying) Bloody useless, aren’t I?

Kris: You’re not useless, you’re human.

K: (laughing) Oh, I forgot about that bit.

(We then talked about telling people and how to approach the subject, and which wall Betty might be considering taking down.)

I checked with my sister (without explaining why I wanted to know) about buying a black top – apparently she had bought anything like it. However, the next day I received a very excited phone call from K telling me that she’d asked her aunty about the wall. It turned out that she was considering knocking the kitchen through, but couldn’t decide whether to go ahead with it or not. K had not known about this prior to the session.


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