How to play hide and seek…with a dead person

SESSION 22   23/10/11

This is the latter part of Session 22. The previous section had been quite random and a bit confusing. We weren’t sure who it was that we were speaking too. Even so, we persisted and we’re really glad we did because what transpired was one of the most interesting,exciting and amusing sessions we’d had.  I would never look at my reflection in a mirror in the same way again.


Kris: What is happening? Why is it so difficult for a message to be spelled out? (pause) Why are we struggling?


Kris: Is it being blocked by one of us in some way?


Pad: What’s it being blocked by, Seth?

            HIGHER SELF

Pad: Whose higher self?

            ACTING LIKE SETH

Pad: Is it one of our higher selves acting like Seth?


Pad: Is itsomebody else’s higher self acting like Seth?


Pad: Do you know whose higher self it is?


Pad: Can you tell us whose it is?


Pad: So, what would be the best thing to do?

            ACT LIKE FRANK

Kris: Do you mean Frank should just come clean and act like Frank on the board?


Kris: Instead of trying to act like Seth?


Pad: Should we ask to speak to Frank?


Kris: Can we speak to Seth please?

            SETH NOT HERE

Pad: Who are we talking to then, please?


Pad: Frank is it you who’s been talking to us all evening so far?

(Slowly) YES / NO

Pad: Frank, was that you who we were talking to when you told us our entity names?


Kris: Is it you that I channel?


Kris: Why is it you that’s come through this time, Frank? What is it you want to say?


Pad: Are you saying that Seth killed jesters?


Kris: Are you the energy, Frank, that killed the jesters?


Kris: What do you mean, you killed them? (pause) Ok, take your finger off a sec. Now I don’t want to channel.

Pad: In case you get Frank through?

Kris: Because, I won’t know, and I’ll be wondering – tonight, anyway. I feel like – Seth’s not here?

Pad: Well, I think that once we’ve spoken to Frank and let him have his say, I think that we’ll get Seth back. We just ask for Seth.

Kris: Anything else you’d like to say to us, Frank?


Kris: Channelling?


Pad: Anything else you want to ask Frank, or see if he’s got anything to say? Frank you got anything you want to say, or share?


Pad: What do you want a game of, Frank?

            WITH YOU

Kris: What’s the game you want to have with us, Frank?

            HIDE AND SEEK

Kris: (laughing) Ok,  I’m not going to be scared. Not even scared of (him) manifesting, just scared of where it’s going.

Pad: (laughing)How do we play hide and seek with a dead person?

Kris: Ok, how do we play hide and seek with you Frank, what do we have to do?


Pad: Which one of us should hide?


Pad: I thought it was going to say me. And then do I come and look for Kris?


Pad: Who’s going to come and look for Kris?


Pad: Do you want to do that, Kris?

Kris: How will I know if you’ve found me, Frank?


Pad: Ohh, that’ll be interesting.

Kris: Oh, will it? (laughs) I have a feeling that no matter where I hide, you’ll see me anyway, isn’t that true?


Kris: So I could hide in plain view, is that right?


Kris: So I could go and sit on the settee in the front room and that could be me hiding. Would that do?


Kris: And if I waited for a few minutes I would feel you sitting next to me because you’d be cold?


Kris: Is that what you want to do?


Pad: I’ll leave you to it, shall I?

Kris: I don’t have to turn the light off do I? Can I leave the light on, Frank?


(From the front room I call to Pad that it’s not going to work as it’s already cold in there. I sit on the couch and wait. Six or so minutes later I return to the back room.)

Pad: How did it go?

Kris: Nothing.

Pad: Frank didn’t find you, then?

(I laugh.)

Pad: Maybe Frank’s just trying to work out how he can move from room to room. (I laugh) It was a good effort.

Kris: Well, I felt coldish.

Pad: Like when we played that other game with him, and he didn’t do very well. Shall we ask him how he thinks he did?

Kris: Yeh, where you there, Frank?


Pad: Couldn’t you find Kris?

            YES / NO

Kris: Were you looking for me?


Kris: Well you manage to find your way here…


Kris: Could you try to make somewhere in here cold? (pause) Would you like to try that?

Pad: Preferably where we’re sitting. (long pause) Are you going to try that Frank?

Kris: I feel cold.

Pad: Do you?

Kris: Yes.I feel coldon my left side – colder than I did a moment ago. Whether it’s suggestion, I don’t know.

Pad: Are you doing that to Kris, Frank?


Pad: Could you try and do it to me?


Pad: Ok, do it to me, then, Frank.

(We wait a moment.)

Kris: Feeling cold?

Pad: This arm’s gone a bit cold. Can you do my other arm, Frank?

(We wait a moment.)

Kris: I feel really cold.

Pad: This arm’s not working. Are you cold?

Kris: I’m freezing.

Pad: Ok, well done, Frank. I felt a bit of cold on my right arm, was that you?


(We both laugh.)

Pad: Where were you trying to make me cold?


Pad: I didn’t feel cold in my head at all.

Kris: Are you still making me cold?


Kris: Was that what you had in mind for the game of hide and seek?


Kris: Is there anything else you’d like to do? Would you like to try that again?

(Hesitant movement)

Pad: That’s going towards NO. Is that no because you don’t want to do anymore?

Kris: Have you finished?

(slowly) NO

Kris: What else would you like to do, or like us to do?

            GO TO OTHER ROOM

Kris: You want me to do that?


Kris: Are we doing the same thing again? What do you want me to do this time?

            LOOK IN MIRROR

Kris: Can Paddy come with me for this?


Kris: It’s like a field trip!

Pad: What did he say?

Kris: Go to other room.

Pad: I thought he was going to say ‘go to the other side’ then.

Kris: I was hoping he wasn’t going to say ‘basement’. Do we need the light off for this or can we leave it on? Off?


Kris: And does Pad look in the mirror too?


(We take the recorder with us into the other room and stand looking in the mirror.)

Kris: (laughing)You might transmogrify.

Pad: So might you.

(We stand in silence looking at our own reflections in the mirror for about 1½ mins.)

Pad: Nothing’s happening, is it? Shall I bring the lights down a bit? That might help.

(Pad turns a small lamp on. We look in the mirror again for about 25 secs.)

Kris: This is going to sound really bizarre and maybe it’s suggestion, but sometimes I think I see somebody else looking back at me. Like my features have changed, have gone more masculine.

Pad: Go on, do it again.

(I look at myself in the mirror whilst Pad watches me. Approx. 45 secs later.)

Kris: Ohh, wow! Can you see anything?

Pad: Well, I can, but as you said, it could be a trick of the light.

Kris:  I don’t know whether it’s just because I’m not blinking, but I disappear and there are different features. I’m not saying I look like a man, but it’s like this (I indicate my face) goes and there’s something else there.

(We have a go with both of us looking at Pad’s reflection. We do this for approx. 30 secs.)

Pad: Did it happen with me?

Kris: A little bit.

Pad: Ok, you look at me and I’ll look at you.

(We do this for about 30secs.)

Kris: I keep getting glimpses of something different.

Pad: Ok, do it with you again, looking at you.

(45 secs later.)

Kris: Oh, I keep disappearing.

Pad: Ok, there’s something really weird happening, so keep it going a little longer.

(50 secs later.)

Pad: I don’t know if it’s the shadow, but it’s like hair, you’ve got your hair across here (indicates over my right eye) and you’ve got big glasses on, and your lip there is bigger. Is that what you were getting?

Kris: I don’t know. I just feel like this (round my mouth) turns into a man, my mouth just turns into a man’s.

Pad: Ok, do it again.

(Just under a minute later.)

Pad: That was good. Do it again with me. See if I can do it. There’s definitely a difference with you, I see all different faces.

(We try for about 15secs and then reposition so that we’re not so much in shadow on one side. We try again for 55secs.)

Kris: Freaky. You know what it’s like, an older version of you.

Pad: Well, you’ve gone into like an older version and a younger version.

Kris: I felt like I was getting thicker lines around my mouth and then smooth. But that was definitely an older version of you then.

(We try again for about 30secs.)

Pad: I can’t do it with me as well, I can do it with you.

Kris: I feel everything disappears, and I can see through us.

(We keep looking in the mirror with Pad looking at me. 40secs later.)

Kris: Ohh, there was two of me then.

Pad: I saw it – two of you.

Kris: Did you? Like a double vision thing, one behind the other.

Pad: I’m not sure about that, it was like, it was like the young you when you had all the hair.

Kris: Really?

Pad: You had thick hair, but it was coming and going.

(We do it again for about 30 secs.)

Kris: (I take a sharp intake of breath, then, whispering) Did you see that?

Pad: (also whispering) What?

Kris: It was like the mirror flicked. Ohh, I’ve gone all goo…ghost bumps.

Pad: The mirror flicked?

Kris: It went (I demonstrate with my hands).

(What I’d seen was the mirror judder sideways like a film with a couple of frames deleted.)

Pad: I didn’t see anything.

Kris: (quietly)Ohh, wow!

(We continue looking in the mirror.)

Kris: God, I don’t think it’s even human sometimes when I’m looking at it.

(I’m now able to keep looking in the mirror and comment on what I’m seeing without losing the image too much.)

Kris: I keep seeing a lion, funnily enough.

(Silence for about 20secs.)

Kris: Ohh, wow, I felt like I was going to take off.

(I’d had a sensation of moving out of my body toward the mirror.

Silence for just over a min. My breathing gets deeper. And I remember feeling like I was swaying.)

Kris: (whispering)Ohh, Jesus wept. Did you see any of that?

Pad: Any of what?

Kris: Oh, my goodness.

Pad: Tell me what it was and I’ll tell you if I saw it.

Kris: I can’t describe it. It was like…in relief…all the light was really exaggerated…

Pad: Yeh, I saw that…

Kris: …but like a weird painting, like I was looking at my mum.

Pad: I don’t know if I saw what you saw. But that’s not really surprising is it…you look like your mum and we’re straining our eyes… But with you seeing that part, seeing something else in yourself. When my eyes went really de-focussed, you looked like you were a black woman.

Kris: Really? I saw a lion. I saw like a lion’s nose.

Pad: Yeh, I can get that as well. Not.. I didn’t see a full lion…

Kris: No, not like – it was like a lioness. But at one point I didn’t feel like I was looking at a human being, and I don’t mean I was looking at a physical creature that I recognise. The features…whether that’s because all the features were distorted …

(Pad suggests I look at him so he can watch my face. We do this for approx. 40secs.)

Kris: You’re doing it.

Pad: Doing what?

Kris: Going all over the place.

Pad: Maybe we should swap places, then.

(We swap places. About 1min 30 secs later.)

Kris: I’m going to fall over.

(We stop and return to the other room. On the way…)

Kris: I thought I could see my lips moving as well. I was convinced I (the reflection in the mirror) was going to start speaking.

(What had taken place for me was very powerful. I had seen several faces looking back at me at once: all different shapes, sizes, tones of colour. None were very distinct. It was like each was a face on a transparency and then laid on top of another transparency and then on another, until there were about 10 or so faces one on top of the other, but all visible at once to some extent.

Kris: Ok, are we still talking to Frank?


Kris: Who are we talking to?


Kris: Is this definitely Seth and not Frank, acting like Seth? You’re definitely Seth?


Kris: Was that Frank we were talking to before?


Kris: He asked us to play a couple of games with him, what do you think of that?


Kris: So what was it we were seeing in the mirror?


Kris: And do these versions make up the entity, the whole entity that we are? (pause) Are they counterparts living now?


Kris: Are they our reincarnational selves?


Kris: I saw a lion – is that possible?


Kris: Can you tell me a bit about that?


Kris: (laughing)Leo the lion!  (my Zodiac sign is Leo)

Pad: So, is that a good technique to practice?


Pad: So is there anything we should change about it, is there anything we could add to make it better, to improve our abilities?

            MAKE IT FUN

Kris: I thought that’s what he was going to say.

(We discuss the other questions I had written down and whether we should ask them.)

Kris: We were a bit confused before about whether we were talking to you or Frank. Is William really my entity name?

Pad: Can you tell us what Kris’s entity name is?

Pad: Do you want to tell us why that’s hesitant?

            CLING ON TO PAST

Pad: So it’s good not to really know about those kinds of things?

Kris: Ok, one last thing… Oh, yes, what did you think of the idea I had for the film, or you gave me for the film?


(We said goodbye to Seth on the board and ended the session. I then channelled.)


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