Are you a very good negative thinker?

As I (Delcia) read through some transcripts from a group channelling workshop from a few years ago, I came across this useful piece about the power of negative thinking.  Here’s what Ortundra says about it …

“You need to make a commitment to listening to every word that you utter.  This is very exciting because it would take very little for you to feel a whole lot better.

It’s a question of habitual mental programming.  You need to make a commitment to practice making positive statements, like exercising a muscle.   Every time you hear yourself stating a negative, turn it around and you can ask other people to help you to put it into its positive.  Immediately you do that you change the energy working in yourself, and also what’s available to you.  So in terms of direction, in changing the ground inside yourself from which you’re thinking, you change your emotional life.  The positivity will attract whatever it is you need to move forward.  The power of negative affirming is very great, and it’s habitual.  You need to know you can change it with a click of your fingers.  Take the word ‘but’ out of your vocabulary.  The power of your negative affirming is equal to the power of your positive affirming.”


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