Worry is a habit

This piece is related to the earlier one about Anxiety.  Personally, I found keeping a Worry Diary really helpful.  Each specific worry thought was written down.  It gave a container for them all.  When you consider just how much there is in the world to worry about, it was a great way of reducing anxiety levels.  By placing these thoughts outside of my own mind they lost their power.  I was able to see how absurd my thinking had become – and just how much energy was being lost by worrying!

This is what Ortundra has to say about worry:

“Worry is a habit. Sometimes it is more than a habit, it is an addiction.  It is so familiar, so ingrained, so easy to do, that it is like an old friend that is always there.

It can be very helpful to ask oneself, how would my life look if I didn’t worry?  What on earth would I do instead of worrying?  What would there be for my mind to do, if I wasn’t worrying?  Now that can be a real worry!  So worry feeds upon worry, upon worry, upon worry.  It is like the cells in the body when they malfunction and become a tumour. You can carry worry tumours in your subtle bodies.

A very practical thing to do is to write down every single worry that you have.  You could have a worry book or folder, and collect them, like you would collect stamps.  You can look at them and say, “well, that is a really big worry and that is a really special worry and that is a worry I’ve had for a long, long time and look at that, that is a new worry.”


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