Fear is the absence of love

Are you fearful about the future?

 This piece was channelled on 7.7.12 by Ortundra at our Introductiion to Channelling Workshop.  The group was considering the co-creation of reality.

out of stage 4

To feel fearful requires imagination.  And imagination is the greatest tool that the human being has.  It is your link with us.  It is also your link with visualising negative outcomes.  To use the energy that goes into fear, to make that energy neutral and to then turn it within the imagination into visualising positive outcomes changes your reality, and changes all that is possible.  So the key is to notice what you are visualising about the future that gives you fear, and change those pictures and whatever words and messages are going with that into its opposite.

This is not to be in denial.  This is not to be ‘away with the fairies’ as you may say, but it is to manage the vibrational rate of fear and know that it is self generated, and 95% unnecessary.

As an emotion for human beings, fear is essential.  It tells you when you are in danger, and therefore you can organise yourself, as a biochemical organism, to remove yourself from danger, or deal with it in some way.  But we estimate that 5% of the amount of fear experienced and generated by human beings is all that is necessary.So imagine all the energy going into the other 95% being available to be creative and joyful and available to enjoy all that you do.  And if you do not enjoy what you are doing stop doing it or find a way of being able to enjoy it.  For where there is joy and where there is love, fear cannot exist.  For fear is the absence of love.  Fear is the absence of joy.  And fear vibrates at the same level as excitement.


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