Real change comes through not changing…

This piece has been taken from an Ortundra channelling done in a Channelling Development group in June 2008.

It is a timeless truth and consequently very relevant for us all today. What underpins all human need is the need for love and acceptance, an acceptance of the reality of the now, of this moment. As soon as you try to alter your reality or change an experience, a feeling or a thought, you potentially set up a conflict inside of yourself. Change is a strange thing, for real change comes through not changing. Real change comes through accepting that change is not possible in this moment. It is the connecting with the not change, in the moment, that something magical happens, which lifts the condition or the thought into a different stream of vibration. This only happens when the thinking, or the condition, is met fully in and of itself without judgement and without the desire for change.

Ortundra channellings.


One comment on “Real change comes through not changing…

  1. A beautiful description of this truth! I do enjoy your writings, and am sharing them with others. Mary.

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