Discarnate or Incarnate? No separation

This piece was channelled for a group in which the following question was asked.

Question:  You have said that the light of everyone is important for the whole.  Can you talk about the difference between Incarnate and Discarnate in this respect?

Ortundra:  If we consider light as something which runs along a spectrum there is no differentiation between what is seen and what is unseen, and all is important for the whole.  All that is unseen is such because the human brain and neurological system, including the optical nerves and the functioning of the eyes, is limited within a certain field or frame along the spectrum of light.  So those who are incarnate are functioning within a certain waveband, if you like, a vibrational rate which both confines the human spirit to a physical body but also contains that spiritual energy so that it has the opportunity to experience the five major senses as well as the sixth sense.   Through this containment, very specific experiences can be had which you understand to be those of being human.

If you move along the continuum of light to those who are no longer incarnate or who have never been incarnate, Discarnate - Incarnateyou are simply relating to a different vibrational body, still very much made of light but functioning at a faster, often finer rate.   There is a fine line between that which is seen and that which is unseen and in fact the human nervous system could see so much more than it does.  The brain is capable of much more penetrative vision into what is now unseen or outside of experience.  We anticipate that this will develop in years, decades and centuries to come.   And of course the sight and auditory capabilities of certain mammals and other creatures on the Planet far outstrip what the human being is capable of at the moment.  This potential takes the human mind and nervous system into a closer alliance with discarnate beings of light that exist seemingly outside your vision.

So too, for those who are not incarnate – they can focus universal mind and develop an ability to remain able to put on, if you like, a grosser cloak of atomic structure that brings them very close to the human being. For example, through apparitions and ghosts and very powerful imagery and dreams, those who have passed on, or those who have never been incarnate, are able to focus mind in such a way as to be gross enough, material enough to reach you as human beings.

So what I am saying is the differentiations between levels of existence within consciousness can become less compartmentalised and much more fluid. As the human being grows to live longer, and as the special children coming into the world now, grow and become old themselves, you will find human beings capable of doing things that until now have been either buried or not yet developed. There has been a loss because of damage to the intuitive mind in the West with the rise of the value given only to reason.  Much of that loss of value of the intuition and ability to use it is already coming back and will continue to come back in years to come.  As well as this the integration of highly developed intellectual intelligence and high quality intuitive sixth sense skill will take the mind further on indeed and there will be less and less disparity between the seen and unseen worlds.

© Delcia McNeil   channelled guidance


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