These statements were channelled by Delcia in preparation for leading a workshop on the topic of releasing, surrendering and trusting…


  • To let go is to know that the ground beneath your feet continues to be there.
  • To let go is to feel the tension in the physical body drain away and yet still to feel very much that you are in a physical body.
  • To let go is to know that trust is the cement upon which life and relationships is based.
  • To let go is to know that those who are close and dear to you share with you the deepest respect for life and love, and that in knowing this you can feel free to immerse yourself in all that you would wish for in your life.
  • To let go is to know when it is the right time to hold on, and when it is the right time to hold still and to be contained.
  • To let go is to know that the divine godhead, however you experience this, is always holding you.
  • To let go is to see your footprints in the sand knowing that the tide will come in and wash the prints away and you will be elsewhere making different footprints. The impressions that we make remain subtle in a long lasting way, but are often invisible.
  • To let go is to allow yourself to be invisible and yet to know that your presence is eternally here.
  • To let go is to trust your own mind and body – that it is here to support you, and give you the information that you need to know at any given time.
  • To let go is to keep fear in its place knowing that you, as I always say, are unconditionally loved.
  • To let go is to stop fighting the thoughts that come into the mind – thoughts that have no attachments but which torment and undermine you.
  • To let go is to live in the present moment. And in this present moment I give you my blessings.

© Delcia McNeil  – channelled guidance


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